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How To Use Bonuses To Increase Sales And Profits.

Smart marketers spend a great deal of time writing their sales letters to get the best results possible, and then just slap a bonus onto the page as an afterthought. You must give your bonuses the same attention you give your copy in order to make your prospects salivate with desire for the bonus and the primary product.

When used correctly, a bonus increases your prospects desire to purchase. This desire translates into more sales and higher profits for you.

Dear Terry,

Here are some comments on your book, Profitable Bonuses - Everything You Need to Know About Using Bonuses To Increase Sales.

Every online marketer knows that offering bonuses are a vital part of successful offers. But so many people offer irrelevant or downright useless bonuses. Profitable Bonuses gives detailed strategies on how to stand out from the crowd and offer bonuses that will truly excite and be valued by your prospective customers.

Web surfers find your site, scan your offer, and then either click on your order button, or are gone forever. Profitable Bonuses outlines a series of powerful techniques which will impel your visitors to make that order now.

Bonuses work. Profitable Bonuses shows you just **how** bonuses work, how to select the right bonuses, and how to present the bonuses to your prospects.

I have seen bonuses used in different ways in many different web sites and email newsletters. Profitable Bonuses presents many of these bonus offer techniques but goes further and suggests a number of creative twists on how to use those techniques for particular products and prospects.

As an online publisher, I particularly appreciated the chapter in Profitable Bonuses on creating online bonuses for information products.

Paul Wagner

Offering The RIGHT Bonus Will Skyrocket Sales;
Offering The Wrong One Will Be Worse Than Not Offering One At All - It Will Actually HURT Sales!

Do you know the secrets of using a bonus correctly? Do your clients drool in anticipation and rush to buy your products? If not, you don't have put up with it another day.

You see, selecting the wrong bonus can make your prospects even more resistant. Used incorrectly a bonus will lower your sales and may even increase your return rates. This is a powerful secret that can compensate for any lack of skill you might feel as a marketer.

Let me explain…

You see - I don't have the artistry of master copywriters like Gary Halbert, Jon Carlton, Joe Sugarman, or Ted Nicholas. No matter how many seminars I attend and books I read, I will never be a master copywriter.

Sure, we all get better at this as we go along, but most people need to make money now, (just like I did when I first started marketing my products online). If you are like I was, you not only want to sell something now, you probably need to sell while you learn. Otherwise the mountain is too high to climb and you will get discouraged.

Learning a skill is much different than mastering it. To be a master copywriter you need the spark, the genesis of creativity. Unfortunately this is beyond many of us. We just ain't gonna get it. We need to focus on what we can do rather than attempt to climb mountains we can only dream of reaching.

This means focusing on easy to understand - easy to master simple basics that will provide the biggest bang for the time involved. Bonuses are one of these areas. The right bonus - offered correctly - can overcome many of the faults in your sales letter.

Because my copywriting skills are only adequate, I focus on a few areas I can excel at. Using bonuses to compel my prospects is one of these areas.

I have been using bonuses to make up for my poor copywriting skills for years. I learned early in my marketing career, I could use a bonus to drive sales much easier than writing a fantastic sales letter.

But it is not just a question of slapping a bonus into a sales letter. It is more than. . .

"But Wait You Also Get. . ."

It is about selecting the right bonus. Something your reader will react to. Something inexpensive to produce and easy to create. Using a bonus correctly requires as much attention to detail as writing a killer sales letter.

But the good news is unless you violate one of the 12 rules of using bonuses you can pretty much do a bonus half assed and it will still improve you results.

Once you learn to select the best bonus for your product, you must position it correctly. Failure to position your bonuses correctly distracts your readers and costs you sales.

In "Profitable Bonuses - How To Use A Bonus To Increase Sales And Profits" you will uncover the secrets of:

  • How to use bonus.
  • Where to get bonuses if you don't want to (or can't) create them.
  • Where to get inexpensive bonuses for use with your products.
  • How to get others to create bonuses for you for free.
  • How to create valuable and desirable yet inexpensive bonuses.
  • How to select the best bonus for your product.
  • How to position your bonus for maximum effect.
  • The three things you must consider when selecting a bonus.
  • 10 ways to create inexpensive or even free bonuses your clients will line up to get.
  • 5 places to find an inexpensive bonus.
  • Three reasons other marketers will give you or even create a bonus for you, and how to use them to get great bonuses.
  • How to use a bonus to lower returns.

In "Profitable Bonuses" you will learn the twelve ways people use bonuses wrong and how to avoid these costly mistakes.

Hello Terry,

I have many of your ebooks, and I've been receiving your newsletters for quite a while. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for both. You have been a great help to me and a lot of others, I'm sure. I seriously appreciate it.

Doug Palmer.

Now you are probably thinking I should offer you a bonus with this ebook.

Like I said before, I am just an adequate copywriter. So I asked some master copywriters to send me essays for the back of the book. Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas and Bob Bly sent me essays on how they use bonuses in their copy.

In Profitable Bonuses you will learn how to get others to provide you with bonuses that match your products for free just like I did with this book.

This is an ebook in PDF format. After purchasing you will download the book and read it on your computer. You can also print the book and put it in a binder. This book works on all computers. You'll need Adobe Acrobat reader to open the file, and I will provide you with a copy if your computer does not already have the reader.

Right now you can get this book for only $29.97 $14.97. Before you get out your credit card take a minute to read my guarantee:

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Nothing else is required to get a full refund,

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Excellent job, I shouldn't have read your ebooks. I'm in the middle of 2 projects now and your ebook had my mind spinning in all kinds of directions. I was coming up with so many ideas I had to start writing them all down.

Your marketing strategies are dead on powerful methods.

Robert Crotts

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