Newsletter Profits

The Complete Guide To Setting Up And Running A Profitable Online Newsletter

Do you want to. . .
  • Make money every month with the absolute minimum amount of work?
  • Effortlessly sell more of your ebooks and other products?
  • Create your own set it and forget it system to follow up with site visitors who don't buy on their first visit?
  • Make money by promoting affiliate products?

If you answered yes to any of these questions Newsletter Profits is for you.

A properly written newsletter is the difference between making money online and making a good living. With your newsletter you will be able to promote affiliate products and follow up with people who do not buy on their first visit to your website. Your newsletter will build your credibility, and help you capture sales you would have otherwise missed.

Why Have A Newsletter?

  • Set it and forget it 24 hour automatic follow up.
  • Your ezine will build your credibility.
  • Email marketing is the most powerful way to sell online.
  • Newsletter publishing is a major part of any online marketing campaign.

Terry - Your book "Newsletter Profits" inspired me to start my own newsletter. I never would have started this on my own, but the guidance you provide in "Newsletter Profits" helped me start my successful ezine.

Thanks for your help,
Kenneth Mann

Newsletter Profits gives you a simple (real world) explanation of autoresponders, and then helps you determine what autoresponder service is the right one for your needs.

Are you having a hard time selecting the right autoresponder for your needs? Well forget the confusion. Newsletter Profits includes eleven questions you must answer before selecting an autoresponder service. These questions will help you avoid problems and protect your time and investment. Many people fail to consider these eleven questions and end up losing valuable time moving to another autoresponder service - some even lose their entire subscriber list. (ouch!!!)

If you already have an autoresponder account you should still read and answer the eleven questions. You might be using the wrong service and the eleven questions will help you determine if you need to move to another company.

Autoresponders are the back bone of any online marketing campaign. The book "Newsletter Profits" covers everything you need to know to use autoresponders effectively. The book is a must read for anyone who wants to be successful online.

Sandeep Goyal

Learn to write articles for your Newsletter.

After you have set up your autoresponder you will need articles for your ezine. In Newsletter Profits you will learn step by step instructions for writing a powerful newsletter. If you have problems writing or are unsure of your writing skills you will learn three easy techniques to put together a newsletter with a minimum of writing.

There is more. Newsletter Profits will show you how to get others to write guest articles for you. You will learn how to find and ask experts to contribute articles. There is also a list of places where you can get ready to use professionally written articles for free.

But, writing an ezine and setting up your autoresponder are not the end of it. You need subscribers. You need a constant and steady stream of new subscribers. In Newsletter Profits you will learn ten ways to get people to subscribe to your newsletter. Some of these methods you can do for free, while others will cost you a small amount of money.

Using any or all of these methods will increase your subscriber base fast.

Newsletter Profits, Terry Gibbs's easy-to-understand guide on operating profitable online newsletters using autoresponder services, is written in his usual plain, no nonsense style. But don't be deceived: this ebook offers many original tips and strategies which will help any webmaster wanting to turn casual website visitors into long term fans and customers.

Paul Wagner, Music With Ease

Have you ever seen the word F*R*E*E in an email?

You have surely read ezines with the word free spelled in weird ways. This special spelling of the word free is what people who do not know what they are doing use to get past Spam Filters. This "special" spelling is a not needed and will lower the response to your newsletter. In Newsletter Profits you will learn how to get your ezine past Spam Filters without damaging your credibility or sales. (This is extra profits in the bank.)

If you cannot get your ezine into your subscriber's inbox it will not be read. In Newsletter Profits you will learn what Spam Filters look for and, more importantly, how to get your ezine past the filters.

Terry - I am writing to tell you that this ebook is REALLY informative. Thank you SO much for all the advice. Using an autoresponder really makes a marketer's life so much easier! Great info! Easy to understand and implement. I can't thank you enough!

Sophia Horatagis

In Newsletter Profits you will learn:

  • Why use a autoresponder?
  • Step by step instructions for writing powerful ezine ads.
  • Ten powerful ways to get new subscribers.
  • The power of ezine publishing.
  • How to choose the best autoresponder service for your needs.
  • How to get past Spam Filters.
  • How to use your ezine to build credibility with your readers. (Credibility means more sales, and more money.)
  • 11 questions you must answer before you choose an autoresponder service.
  • How to write a newsletter.
  • How to decide whether to give away an ebook or a free emailed course to get new subscribers.
  • How to advertise your ezine.
  • How to get others to write articles for you for FREE.
  • How to effectively promote products in your newsletter.
  • How to use your ezine to promote your backend products. (If you do not have additional products - we will show you exactly where to find thousands of products you can make money promoting.)
  • Why an autoresponder is better than sending emails from your email program.
  • How to promote your newsletter.
  • The biggest mistake made in choosing an autoresponder service and how to avoid it.
  • How to write a simple email course to give away as a subscription incentive.
  • How to make money with your ezine.
  • How to write a powerful subject line so your ezine is read.

Terry and Rebecca really know their stuff about newsletters. They teach you all you need to know about choosing setting up an autoresponder, to creating an ezine and getting and growing your subscriber base, to many different ways of making money with your very own ezine opt-in list.

I recommended reading Newsletter Profits to anyone who wants to build a responsive, money making ezine list.

Anthony Smith

Here is more of what you will learn in Newsletter Profits . . .
  • The most important thing you need to know about an autoresponder service before you sign up. (Ignore this and you could lose everything.)
  • Ten can't lose ways to promote your newsletter.
  • How to create your own powerful email marketing campaigns.
  • How to select and find ebooks you can give away as a subscription incentive.
  • How to market your newsletter.
  • How to submit your newsletter to ezine directories. (A list of the best free ezine directories is included in the book.)
  • Five different ways to make money from your newsletter.
  • How to create newsletters people want to read.
  • How to chose HTML or plain text newsletter and which is the right format for your ezine.
  • How to format your newsletter so you build your credibility and get your ezine read.
  • Where to place advertising and links in your ezine to increase response.
  • How to write articles for your ezine.
  • How to get others to write articles for you.
  • Where to find great articles you can use for free.
  • How to get your ezine past Spam filters.
  • How to protect your ezine from false Spam complaints.
  • Whether or not to put past issues of your ezine on your website.
  • And More. . .
Your book was a super charged no holds barred silver bullet to tripling my sales. Just two of the ideas in your book have netted me 200% more profit in less than 36 hours. And here I thought I was the marketing genius! Thanks for your awesome ideas!

Tony Policci

Don't even think of marketing your eBusiness without reading, 'Newsletter Profits'. Terry explains in easy to follow language how to set up your newsletter for maximum results. This is a must read!

Brian Wylie, eBook Infopreneur

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