The PLR Myth Exposed

From the desk of Terry Gibbs

Private Label Rights (PLR) are packages and reports you can change any way you want and then sell as your own.

Are You Wasting Money On Private Label Rights?
Is Your Hard Drive Filled With PLR, Resale Rights, And Master Resale Rights Products?

The truth is PLR can be very profitable. The problem is the people who sell you the materials usually do a very poor job of educating you on how to repackage and sell the reports.

There is a reason for this:

The average person who sells Private Label Rights has absolutely no marketing skills.

Doubt me?

It's actually quite simple. . . If these authors had marketing skills, they would be selling their reports directly to end users rather than selling rights.

Think about it. I don't sell private label rights to my materials because I know I can get full price over and over from willing buyers.

These PLR merchants can't sell their reports for retail, so they take the easy route and sell them wholesale.

The good news is if you know some simple marketing techniques, you can make money from Private Label Reports.

Stop Being A PLR Victim and Become A PLR Profiteer

I spent two hours on the phone with my friend Becky Hagel talking about how we use PLR in our businesses.

In addition to running her own online business, Becky teaches people how to run profitable online businesses.

We quickly covered the basics so people who haven't profitably used PLR yet can understand the more involved techniques. Then we went into the more involved techniques.

I don't feel like writing a long sales letter for a seven dollar report, so here's a simple outline. . .

Private Label Rights, Resale Rights and Master Resale Rights compared and contrasted.

Explanation Of Rights Granted - this is important as some sellers restrict what you can do with the works. During this section, you'll learn how to work within the rights granted, and why these limitations are important. The right limitations will increase your ability to sell the reports. Rights sold with little or no limitations can hurt your ability to sell the materials.

Where To Find PLR Materials - this is where I really surprised Becky. Maybe you're familiar with Warrior Special Offers and membership sites. Maybe you've even looked for materials on eBay, but I know - and use - two other ways to get rights to books almost no one uses. Even better, one of these stealth methods results in products with little or no competition.

Let me be frank here. . . A lot of buyers of PLR are just pissing away money. Becky was much kinder -- she said these people are researching opportunities. Either way their hard earned money is being wasted.

To keep you from wasting your money on PLR you'll never do anything with, Becky and I spent a good portion of the discussion talking about Selecting PLR Materials.

During this section, you'll learn how to quickly determine if something is worth purchasing. Along with five quick and easy questions you must answer before buying any PLR report.

Uses For PLR - we covered NINE ways to use PLR, and compared them so you can choose the best way for each item you buy. This is the true value of the interview.

And finally we finished the session with a discussion of Other PLR Considerations. In this section, we talked about storing and organizing PLR, and emphasized some of the more important points we'd covered earlier.

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