Most surprising eBay sale?

I’m working on a book listing items commonly found in homes that will bring at least $25 on eBay.

NOTE: The book is DONE and available for free on this page

Things like:

  • Basketball shoes - 10-20 years old in great shape can bring hundreds depending on the brand and athlete tie in.
  • Old advertising matchbooks - most of these are worthless, I’ll explain in the book which ones bring the most money.
  • Employee pins. Like the matchbooks, most of these have no value. I’ve sold some for $50-250, and seen a few sell for $1200 and more.
  • Kitchen appliances. I once sold a wood tray that went with a 1930’s toaster for $150.
  • Collectible cards and stickers. My first eBay sales were Wacky Packages stickers I had collected in grade school. I didn’t have a camera, but had a scanner. The shoebox full brought in more than enough to buy a camera. (Digital cameras were expensive back then!)
  • Cereal premiums. I sold a set of Dick Tracey rings years ago for $145. They were from Post cereal.
  • Got suggestions?

What have you sold that brought an odd amount? Something that surprised you? If you post a comment below with something you were pleasantly surprised with the selling price, I’ll give you a copy of the book when I get it finished. By posting you’re giving me permission to use your name and words in the book.


PS If you post, please be as specific as posible. If you’re story involves dishes tell us the maker, the pattern, and the price.

292 Responses to “Most surprising eBay sale?”

  1. James Cooke Says:

    Beat-up old flashlight that apparently was provided with General Motors Automobiles (1930’s) - $275.00

  2. Steve Says:

    I have some new age/alternative health CDs and tapes lying around. I wasn’t using most of them and needed to start cleaning house. I put up a couple of body energy-related cassette tape sets on eBay. Remember cassettes? Neither do I.

    I had a starting bid of $10. Was expecting to get, maybe, about $20 or so for them. One of them sold for over $60, and the other for about $40 or $50 (I don’t remember exactly - it was a long time ago).


  3. Jim Maginity Says:

    I had found an old radio kit from Heathkit which was still in the box unbuilt with all of the original packaging in it. I listed it for $3.95 following Terry’s advice I had read. Now I thought I would be lucky to get $5 for it. It ended up going for over $70.00! As the auction was ending I was watching it and got very excited and kept refreshing the page so I could follow it. What was amazing at the time is I had only been on ebay a month or two at that time.
    Thanks Terry for your advice I had read.

  4. Robert Says:

    Yes I sold a big hunk candy bar wraper from the 60″s for $231.00

  5. Jim Ford Says:

    Hi terry
    I purched a Mouvie cameria for five dollars the camera was not working.
    And he trew in the flood light with the camera i listed the light on ebay .my surprise it sold for $102.00


  6. Sid teve Bough Says:

    My biggest surprise sale on ebay was a few years back when Chrysler introduced the PT Cruiser.

    I was at the local Wal-Mart shortly after they came out and spotted a 1/43rd model of the car. It was a tin, friction motor model that cost $1.98.

    I liked the look of it, bought one, took it home, photographed it out of the box, and listed it with a starting bid of $4.95 hoping to double my money after the ebay fees.

    To my surprise, I got a bidding war going (remember this was a few years ago when those actually happened) and the car sold for $74.00!

    I have to admit I was almost embarrassed to send the car to the winning bidder. He left me good feedback though so I guess he was happy, although, I’m sure, not nearly as happy as I was!

  7. Becky Borchardt Says:

    The greatest surprise was on my first e-Bay sale in 2001. Being a garage sale junkie, I had a great stash of linens and household items that I considered “shabby chic style”. I had a beautiful comforter that I would have liked to keep, but I put it on there hoping to get $50.00 or so. I wrote the ad, took many photos, and watched the bids climb to over $200.00. Once I got that amount, I was hooked, and continued to sell many items for over the amount I would have expected.



    1. I used to buy “FARM COUNTRY TOY PLAYSETS” for 4.99 at Toy Liquidators, (Several years ago) Prices always brought between 30.00 and 85.00.

    2. I bought an “ASHTRAY” at an Antique shop for 22.00…. wanted about 50.00… went for 129.00

    3. I had an old 1.00 bill, Serial number 0000000000001*…. I had pais 2.00 for it about 25 years ago…. WOW 7200.00!!!!!!!

    4. Many toys I bought and planned on reselling went for lots more than I expected…. Double… Triple my estimate!!!!!

    5. I have bought stuff on ebay….. relisted it in the correct catagory…. Doubled my money…

    So many more…. I have not messed much with the auction sales but I am going to start back up soon…. Toys are usually good… But with todays econemy??????

  9. David - Los Angeles Internet Marketing Says:

    I sold used PDA’s for really close to original market value. Also, used software - I sold them internationally for like $15 more than they originally cost here in the US!

  10. Myrna Says:

    I sold an old pepsi can opener with the Pepsi company name, Martin TN
    phone number on the can opener was 3-4 digits long so I know it was old.

    Found it in the dirt, cleaned it up and sold it for $76.00.

  11. silvr Says:

    Five year ago ebay was really sweet. Ten years ago it was even sweeter. A lot changed in 2001. But I can remember a lot of deals that seem too good to be true now.

    Okay heres one. How about a box of linen post cards from a specific area that the lady begged me to take for free. They sold for $280 on the bay. A quarter used to buy a lot but people got educated and its not the same.

  12. Lynda Logan Says:

    Hi Terry, I sold a mug on eBay in 2005 for about $1200. The person who had the mug had just taken it out of the dishwasher and had been using it as a pencil/pen holder. It was a mug from John Wayne for a cast member of El Dorado. The auction price totally shocked and delighted the owner! I loved it! Nice consignment commission. Lynda

  13. Doug Says:

    Recently, I listed 2 brand new Dish satellite receivers, both were the 625 model. The only difference was one of them did not have the remotes or cables. The model missing the remotes brought in only $100.00 (I started it out at $70.00). The complete setup brought $230.00 (I started at $100.00), boy if I had known that in the beginning I would have ordered the cables & remotes (which would of cost about $30.00). That was a costly lesson.

  14. Skip Neff Says:

    These two sales blew me away. I had two laptops that got fried by a lightning strike. I could not even power them up. I took them to a computer repair shop and was told I had probably burned up the mother board. I removed the hard drive from each one. I listed them on eBay with a full disclosure of everything I knew was wrong or possibly could be wrong with these laptops, including the fact that they would not power up and therefore I had no idea what else might be wrong with them. I started the bid at .99. The HP zd8000 sold for $301.00 and the HP ze5185 sold for $280.00. What a surprise. My advice - don’t throw anything away - you never know what someone on eBay will pay for it!

  15. Lisa McCorkle Says:

    I had 20 Copies of the old Small Womens Circle Home Cooking Monthly Magazines dated 1974 to 1982 and got over $30.00 for them.

  16. John Says:

    My wife’s first set of false teeth would never fit properly and had to be remade. The dentist asked if she wanted the first set or should he throw them away. She joked that her husband would sell them on eBay. I sold them for $50. and had two inquiries for other sets of teeth.

  17. GeoCha Says:

    Some surprising items:
    - Import car (infiniti) parts manual $140
    - Misc car brochures $50 - $100
    - Tape Deck, Nothing special, $100.

  18. JJ Wilson Says:

    Sold garage sale books that had no value to me.

  19. Pat Says:

    Terry, While shopping at one of my favorite thrift stores I found a one inch tall empty perfume bottle shaped like a crescent moon with a face, cost 10 cents…brought almost $200, went to Japan. It’s been a few years ago so I don’t remember the name of the perfume company but I was sure surprised and excited. Never seen another one like it either, of course!

  20. GeoCha Says:

    Oh, ya, one more,

    80’s Intellivision - Video system and about 20 games $120.

  21. Betty L. Johnson Says:

    I purchased a copy of ‘Hawaiian Music and Musicians’ on Ebay- for $50 and sold it on Amazon for $145.00

    Bought a Book about Horses, at a yard sale for $20 and sold it on Ebay for $220.00 ‘Portraiture of Horses’

    Bought a wooden religious Statue at a yard sale for $3 and sold it on Ebay for $200

    Bought four War Games for 50 cents each at a yard sale and sold them on Ebay for $216…..

    Bought 3 old Bentley Movie Projectors and 3 Bently Movie cameras at a yard sale for 550 cents each (never used in the original boxes) and sold them on Ebay for $152.00

  22. Myrna Says:

    A Peasant Wreath
    I was at a yard sale one day, looked at this wreath (it had $5.00 on it) then went on to other items. The lady said to me you want this wreath don’t you? I said Well it is pretty. she said as she was taking the $5.00 price tag off, where is your car? I’ll carry it for you.
    so a bit of time went by and I decided to list it and it went for $158.00

    I was very pleased with the profit on that item.
    I would have left without the wreath, glad she insisted I took it.

  23. Ken Says:

    Sold an old Garfield stuffed animal for $10

  24. Stephen Burnsid Says:

    American Flyer 8 railroad and 3 street/road signs in fair condition sold for $51 on ebay. I thought at best I’d get $10-$15.


  25. Jan S. Says:

    When I first started selling my late mother’s belongings, I had no idea what people would pay for certain items. She had an old corner cookie jar that we have had since the 60’s. The lid had fallen and broke in two pieces which she roughly glued together, but it was a clean break. I thought well cookie jars are collectible. So I cleaned it up, took pictures and listed it on eBay. It was an old looking flasher cheerleader cookie jar by American Bisque. I found this out through researching. A broken cookie jar was worth $76.00 on eBay much to my amazement! I doubt if I could’ve even sold it at my yard sale for $5.00!

  26. Mark Nikas Says:

    Sold an incomplete set of old lincoln logs in a beat up container for $25.

  27. Stephen Hall Says:

    The most unusual item I sold was a Louis Wain Postcard, an itsy bitsy thing, with his signature on it, for 17.85. It couldn’t have measured more than 2″x3″ and was a painting of a Persian Cat. I described the cat’s demeanor in great detail, which helped seal the deal. She was proud yet sensitive in the rendition, high and mighty yet sad in some sense. I have no idea now if the cat really felt these feelings, but it helped to make a sale and at the time I was being totally sincere.

  28. Barb Tyson Says:

    I have 2 items I sold on eBay which pleasantly surprised me. One was a green depression glass mixing bowl and the other was a primitive wooden masher (1800’s). I have purchased items I paid too much for, but I think that’s a different story!

  29. Lin Says:

    Hi Terry!

    Great subject!

    I had a great find from an auction about a year ago.

    It was an old board game called Auto Race (or something close)

    I actually did a search on ebay before the auction and saw only one but it brought good money, so I figured what I could spend at the auction to get a good return.

    Sure enough, all I had to spend was $17 at the auction and listed it on ebay for $14.95.

    I can’t remember how many bidders but I think about 3 or 4 kept the bidding war going until it reached almost $156.00 USD.

    I was very excited:) Sent it out very quickly so no damage on my end!

    Hope this helps,


    P.S. Do you know why it went so high? I am pretty sure I know and I do not think it was just the niche….

  30. John Says:

    8 Track tape players- all makes and models, especially the cheap makes from the late 60s and 1970s. Got a Panasonic model for $5.00 at an estate sale, it sold for $95.00.

  31. Lawrence Lilliquist Says:

    It was a ICOM (Ham Radio) microphone not worth more the $10 to $15 NEW. It sold for $81.00…I just couldn’t believe it that it sold for that amount.

  32. Mack Says:

    I have found that back issues of certain magazines sell very well. They have to be a hobby that someone collects those mags, but there are a lot of them. Almost anything to do with scale modeling will sell well, especially 3 or 4 back issues sold together. Some examples are FineScale Modeler, Windsock International, WW1 Aero, Over The Front, Military Modeling Magazine, After the Battle Magazine, Figure International, Armor Models Magazine. I’m sure the same thing holds true in the Railroad hobby.


  33. Caroline Says:

    A few years ago I sold some of the software that went with my Mac SE. There was a great graphic adventure game called “Deja Vu II” that sold for $61. I’m not sure why, the SE was old news by then, the box was pretty beat up and most of the other stuff only sold for a few dollars.

  34. RE Says:

    I bought a glass paperweight from the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair on EBay for $95. I did not intend to spend that much, but it was a gift for my father. Another bidder kept raising the price, so I entered what I thought would be an ‘over the top’ high bid of $100, and then was surprised that the final price came very close to that amount. My dad loved the paperweight, so it was worth it in the end.

  35. Rhonda Says:

    I have two ideas! one is the old tanning lamps……….the ones you could get badly burned with! Yep, I have bought them from garage sales, got them from friend’s basements, and sold them for DECENT money, one went for over $50 with the original box.

    The other idea is health/beauty items. I found an old clunky curling iron (the kind that pull your hair out when you use them) got them at an auction for $1 and sold for over $30 a piece. Same with old Avon moisturizing creams and colognes.

    Hope these will pertain to what you’re asking!

  36. Roger Hadley Says:

    I sold a small toy truck that I had as a kid (I’m now 63). The paint was almost totally peeled off and other similar trucks had sold for $12-15. To my surprise, my truck sold for $35.

  37. jo kauf Says:

    I sold a pink vinyl shower curtain that was found in the back of a linen closet, it was probably from the 50’s, never used and still folded in its original box, it sold for close to $100.

  38. Sherrie St, Cyr Says:

    I’ve sold mostly larger appliances and gotten surprising amounts. I sold a Husqvarna mixer for almost as much as I paid for it, even though it was 5 years old. I also sold a knitting machine without a manual for more than the buyer would have had to pay for a new one with the manual. Buyer behavior amazes me!

  39. Carolyn Paquette Says:

    I recently sold a Far Side Mug for $202.50. I kid you not. I’ve sold quite a few Far Side mugs from the 1980’s and 1990’s. Certainly they don’t all go for $200 but they always sell and people are likely to have them in their kitchen cupboards. Depending on the cartoon on the mug and your timing on eBay, you can get a nice price.

    Good luck with your book.

    Terry says: I have one my stepfather got from his coworkers for his birthday years ago. I use it as it comes to the front of the cabinet. It has two polar bears tearing apart an igloo. Caption is “Oh hey! I just love these things!… Crunchy on the outside and a chewy center!” I’ll have to see what it’s worth.

  40. sherri Says:

    Real Estate Books/ Manuals/ & tapes - I always make alot of money on these items. (Stay away from carlton sheets- everybody has this and there is little demand).

    Old yearbooks/Phone books - great sellers.

    Old Electronics - pre 1980 stereo players 8 track tape players, woofers, cameras, etc.

    Old purses- Name brand like gucci, fendi,coach, burberry, Tiffany & co.

    Collector plates - They do better if you sell them in a group than individually.

    Antique Books- Any book pre 1960. (Look up for value on

    Childrens books valued by collectors.

  41. Dean Wankel Says:

    One of the highest priced items we have ever sold was a clock that sold for well over $400.00 It was about 4 feet tall. Went for about 4 times more than we expected it to do. We have had other items that sold for lots more, but this one was the one that sold for much more than we hoped for.

  42. Skip Neff Says:

    This is my second AH-HA eBay sale. I listed a brand new 20 piece set of Pfatlzgraff Yorktowne dinnerware with a starting bid of $19.95. It did not sell. I relisted it with a starting bid of $9.95. It did not sell. Guess what I did? I separated the pieces into four different sales listed as a dutch auction. That is one sale was for a dinner plate, quantity of 4; one sale was for a cup & saucer, quantity of 4; one sale was for a bowl, quantity of 4 and the final sale was for a small plate, quantity of 4. You’ll be as surprised as I was to discover that all 20 pieces sold for more than $200.00. Someone, actually several someone’s, could have bought the full set for $9.95, kept the pieces they wanted and re-sold the remaining pieces for more than they paid for what they wanted. Two lessons from this: 1) Be creative with your listings; and 2) look for something to buy on eBay that is multiple pieces, selling at a low price, buy it, keep the part you want and re-list what you don’t want. Happy selling, Skip

  43. Tom Says:

    Yo Yo….

    Vintage Cheerio Wooden Yo Yo, no string, sold for $330!!!! Original yo yo from 1950’s. Amazing….

  44. John Says:

    I once did very well selling some old radio tubes. The best ones were tubes that are still used today in guitar amps. They need to be new in the original box to get full price. If not in the box then they have to be tested. Do an eBay search on the the tube codes to see what the going prices are.

    Another good item is a series of books published by Motor Boating Magazine. It’s called the Ideal Series. They were published from 1920 into the 1960s. They are full of plans for building wood boats. I’ve purchased these books at garage sales for about $2 and had them bid up to over $60.

  45. Sandra Bozard Says:

    I bought a new almanac for .50 from goodwill and sold it for $100.00 and I had an old milk bottle that I put on and it sold for $300.00.
    Thanks, Sandy

  46. Barbara Says:

    I bought this Arnart Madamoiselles LIPSTICK Holder #55/811 for 89 cents and started the bid at $3.99, never dreaming it would sell for $24.50. At most I figured I would get about $10 for it. had numerous items that I bought at $1.99 and they sold for $59.99 and $79.99 go and figure! BTW bought of those items were perfume bottles and one of them was signed.

  47. Billy Gleghorn Says:

    I purchased an old Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine at a garage sale for $10.00 and sold it for $200.00. Now thats a surprise! Thanks.

  48. Jim Coates Says:

    I saw a wicker thingy at a Salvation Army store. It wasn’t priced, so I asked how much and was told 99 cents. I took it home and put it on ebay. It was a Jai Alai Cesta (throwing basket). A bidding war broke out on it, and it sold to a guy in France for $87!

  49. Angela Wojcik Says:

    About four years ago, my husband found an old Martin fishing lure in a tackle box he got for $2. He mainly wanted just the box. When he opened the box he was surprised to find old lures in it. Since we weren’t familiar with the prices, we figured we’d try to sell the ones that looked rather older or interesting that we weren’t planning on using. He listed the Martin lure with its own box (probably from the 1950s) for less than ten dollars, I think somewhere around $5. Imagine his surprise when people starting bidding at the last few minutes of the auction to raise the price over $40! I think it ended up being $45, minus fees plus the $2 for the tackle box … made well over $30. Not too shabby for one unexpected item. :)

  50. Bob in NW Suburban Chicago Says:

    Hi, I purchased a figurine at a garage sale for two dollars that sold for $67.00 on eBay. It was a Joseph Original which didn’t mean anything to me when purchased. Greatly surprised and pleased at the selling price.

  51. Donna Dube Says:

    I was very surprised when I sold my Michael Thurman weight loss kit. I had paid new about $120.00 and sold it on ebay in used condition for $93.00. That’s almost as much as I paid and would have sold in my garage sale for $5 to $10 dollars at best!!

  52. Richard Nostrand Says:

    Old camera’s generally do really well. We bought a 8mm Canon Movie Camera at an estate sale for $20.00 and I thought it might bring $40-$50, but ended up at $176.00. And I have a lot more example of the same.

  53. Amy Says:

    My husband pulled a piece of brass out of the dirt on his grandpa’s farm. He told me it was a tailpiece for a Gretsch guitar. (It said Gretsch on it.) He cleaned it up and brought it to me to list one day. We put a low opening on it wondering if anyone would even want it– and it went for over $200!!

  54. Jeanne Goldfarb Says:

    Hi Terry — I enjoy your newsletters. Recently I sold an old leather briefcase from my husband’s college days — I was surprised when it sold for $75 with several bidders. Everyone said no one would want my old out of date, so last century word processor from the 90s. It sold with several bidders for $96.00. My next challenge is to sell a pair of Army Combat Boots from Vietnam days.

  55. Kay Basham Says:

    I purchased a Dyson animal vacuum cleaner two years ago and in the packaging was a coupon for a free toy Dyson . The freebee “toy” sold for $90 on Ebay!

  56. Mary Kate Says:

    4- 1847 Rogers “Old Colony” silver plate round bouillon spoons recently sold for $49. I was hoping to get around $10 & was pleasantly surprised with the results! Old silverplate flatware is very unpredictable.

  57. Bonnie Says:

    Hi Terry,

    Great offer and idea, thank you for the opportunity to share.
    I have been dealing with Breyer Model Horses for quite some time and have many things to share. However, this is limited to one experience so;
    A while back I thought I would take a chance on buying a set of three models. The picture wasn’t very good and the information pretty limited so the winning bid was right around $20.
    Well, when I received these models, each one of them was perfect. Each in mint condition. I turned around and sold two of them for about $20 each and the third one I added a CD to it because the model was fashoined after a Country Singers horse. That model and CD sold for $49.99! (The cost of the CD was only $5)
    I was thrilled to death! Ever since I have been looking for other ways to “look outside the box” and to be unique. It takes work, but it is fun to see the green coming in.
    There are many other stories I can tell, but I may incriminate myself in revealing them.
    Thank you for all your help Terry, the information you share is priceless.

  58. colby c carter Says:

    sold a mattress and box spring set for $250. with no offers

  59. CW Says:

    I bought a couple of apothecary type jars at a live auction for $4 and sold one of them to a competing bidder. The blue one (with a broken stopper) I couldn’t identify but put it on eBay with lots of photos because it was very pretty. In the first couple of days I received emails from 3 different people asking me to end the auction with a BIN of up to $150. I refused and let the auction run know I had “something” but still ignorant at to what. The winning bidder responded to my request for information (after I’d sent him the bottle) and educated me about cobalt blue poison bottles. Final bid? Over $300! Wish I could do that every day. :-)

  60. Steven Thompson Says:

    Last year, I sold a desk ornament, bust of Abe Lincoln on eBay for around $75.00. I bought the item at a dollar store. I couldn’t believe it. But, the money sure spent great. From one dollar to 75 bucks…man, I wish I could do that several times a day, all day long.

  61. R. Orlo Says:

    I was trying to complete a teaset of Belleek. Instead of $10 for a cup it closed at $40 for one cup & saucer.

  62. Art Derfall Says:

    This is something that I’ve been watching and will be buying - Adding Machines - mechanical not electric. Some of them are from the 1800’s and the early 1900’s and are amazing creations. There are other earlier office devices, but I think this is the best collectible of the bunch. Early pens…but I’m betting they are expensive and common as a collectible.

    I missed out on a book that covered early versions, but the photos were amazing. You’ll find simple pocket versions that can add and subtract and 30 lb. desk models.

    You could easily resell them to computer and software company executives.

    Just for balance, I’ve learned to use a Japanese abacus. They are also on Ebay (I bought one). Search “abacus lessons”. You’ll want one with one bead in the top row and four beads in the bottom row; not two and five.
    Not a great collectible. Too difficult to find in the U.S.


  63. Matt Fitzpatrick Says:

    Duck decoy pattern books. I purchased a lot of 8 at an auction for $12. One out of print book alone brought $200.00

    I got about $800.00 for the entire lot. Look for Patrick Godin books especially.

  64. Pat Higgins Says:

    I sold a stainless steel 3 stick candleholder for £85. It was just a few pounds when bought in 1974, but has now become collectible. I was amazed at the selling price.

  65. Paulette Melton Says:

    I sold a pair of converse high top tennis shoes in a bright orange color for $75.00.. These were purchased at a yard sale for $1.00 and personally I did it as a joke as thought they were u-g-l-y!!!!!!!

  66. clair fink Says:

    A lot of old aluminum ice cream spoons that came in with another purchase. I almost threw them out, but decided to list them. Each grouping of 5 or so had the original tape tying them together, which was quite yellow. The little guys brought between $100 & & $200 buckaroos! I patted myself on the back for that one.

  67. Francine Says:

    Hi Terry!
    I once sold a 1948 snow globe that didn`t look like much but was a souvenir globe of Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City. To my great surprise it fetched 150.00! Good luck with your book. I for one, am certainly looking forward to it! Best! Kitty

  68. John Ralston Says:

    The very first item I put on Ebay was a set of Maverick cap pistols with holsters from the old Maverick TV series. I expected they’d bring 30.00 - 50.00. They brought 178.00. I gave 10.00 for them at a garage sale. I also found an old Paladin cap pistol in the attic of the house I bought. It was not in very good condition and didn’t have a holster but I put it on anyway and got 87.00 for it.

  69. Robb Profancik Says:

    I purchased a Magnavox Odyssey gaming system for $25.00, not knowing anything about it. Researched it and found out it is the very first gaming system to come out from Magnavox.

    Sold on eBay for $127.50

  70. Robb Profancik Says:

    I currently have an auction going (at the time of this writing) and it is a Dyno D-Tour Freestyle bike I purchased a couple years ago for $5.00 and just didn’t get around to listing it.

    After researching, I found out it’s an older bike that bike collectors “clammer” for and I have had MUCH, MUCH, MUCH interest in this bike.

    At the time of this writing, it is up to $51.00….but I anticipate it to go over the “century mark”….hopefully :o)

  71. Ron Gilbert Says:

    I’ve sold some books that were very pleasant surprises. One in particular was an 1882 Chinese-English dictionary done by the American Tract Society that I thought may bring $25-$30. It ended up selling for $120!

  72. Richard Smart Says:

    Years ago I bought an item called a Fulton Traffic Signal Finder, this was long before ebay. I tried for years to sell this at flea markets and never could. Well guess what. one sold this last Sat. for $162.50, mine is now listed and should sell for something like that. Who knew, here is my auction number 320266489256. Knowing how I buy I probably gave a dollar for it when I bought it.
    Thanks Terry

  73. Darlyne Says:

    I have had great luck with books by one author listed in lots…. Janet Evanovich books with numbered titles 1 through 13 with funny titles (One for the Money, Two for the Dough…) I bought a bag full at a sale for $5.00 and they sold for $150.00, lots of people have caught on to them now so you won’t get this much out of them but still worth your while.

    Also Little House on the Prairie sets, American Girl Sets, Manga/Anime Japanese comic type books, Rich Dad (Robert Kiyosaki), Cookbooks, Lemony Snickett sets, Magic Tree House, all do well sold in sets.

    Another listing of books I’ve had luck with is Money Saving, Frugal Living, Investing etc. listed as a lot or Homesteading, Country Living, Self Sufficient Living, Raising Chickens, Cows, Pigs, Gardening(Foxfire books of Appalachian Living always sell great too).

    Sorry I got carried away!!, I just love books and I love selling them too. Hope this info is helpful for someone else! Selling on Ebay is very addicting…buying is too…that’s why I sell now to pay for my buying habit!!! LOL!! Good Luck with your Ebay Sales!
    Ebay seller: Darlynebp
    Ebay store: Darlyne’s Books Plus Much More

  74. Kalli Widger Says:

    2 old helicopter pilot helmets that went out of the country - sold for $120
    Dried gords that I received free - 23 sold for $104
    Vintage deep fleece patagonia jackets - sell for $60+ on a regular basis

  75. Sallie Says:

    I had a bunch (about 20 pieces) of old food and drink recipe booklets and brochures, the kind that companies used to give out for free. They had been my mom’s and she gave them to me. These items were from the 1940s to the 1960s, from companies such as Hiram Walker, Rum Carioca, Campbells, Sunkist, Minute Rice, Kraft, and Schenley. They were in good, not excellent, condition. Started the auction at $.99 figuring to get a couple of bucks, but ended up with a final bid of $36.00. Since then, I always scoop these kinds of items up if I see them at library sales, estate sales, etc. when they are free or really inexpensive and then sell them in lots. They always sell!

  76. Gerry Wright Says:

    My husband bought an old electric skillet at a yard sale for $5.00, and I used it for a while, then decided to get a new one. He was going to put the vintage skillet in a yard sale he was having, but on a whim I decided to list it on eBay. (I usually sell books.) It sold for more than $100.00! I have since sold two more of the same kind of skillet, in not quite as good condition or lacking the instruction booklet, for $60.00 and $76.00 - each purchased at a yard sale for less than $5.00. So if you see a Miracle Maid LektroMaid Skillet, with cutting board, large dome top, serving tray, and original booklet and cord (all of which the first one had, in almost-new condition) - snap it up!

  77. Della Austin Says:

    I purchased an old t/shirt from an oppurtunity shop,(second hand shop) for $1.50, this was 10 years ago and sold It on eBay for $120.00?? It was a t/shirt advertsing a car racing meeting from 15years ago. Wow, what a suprise

  78. joe warne Says:

    I was recently selling some imitation leather antonio Italian bags that I had bought in bulk for 5 euro each and selling at 12 euro. One was significantly nicer in design than the others, and two American ladies became obsesed with it and the final price was 126 euro, no joke! I had bought 10 of these bags for 40 euro! The winner was not happy with the quality given what she had paid but I kinldy explained thaa I had offered it for 12 euro and speciifed it for what it was. A very funny and profitable sale!

  79. Linsey Pavsic Says:

    I sold an old postcard of a town called Bangor in North Wales for $90 (in pounds sterling) - I was very surprised because it wasn’t in particularly good condition and I almost threw it out.

  80. Bob L Says:


    I bought a set of 24 automotive sales training cd’s by Grant Cardone at a goodwill for 8.00 dollars and sold it on ebay for 811.00

    I always take a chance on any type of sales training material if the price is low.

    Many board games sell on ebay as well. I always grab copies of trivial pursuit version 6 any time I see them (other versions are not as valuable). It sell’s regularly from 45.00 to 60.00.

    Small appliances new in the box are often good.I bought a high end juicer
    (l’equip) for 5.00 that sold for 69.00 and often sells for 75.00 and up.

    Some cookbooks are popular. I buy as many betty crocker red pie cookbooks as I find.I get them for a dollar or two and they often sell
    30.00 and up.

    kindest regards

    Bob L

  81. Rick Perry Says:

    My wife and I were out looking at garage sales one day and we bough a pair of collectible tins. They were identical and in excellent condition with a red british telephone booth painted on them and a bobby (police officer) painted as if he were inside the booth using the telephone.

    The name on the booth was “Telephone” and not Police Box like in Dr. Who.

    They were originally tins for Russell Stover English Caramels.

    I only paid $0.25 each for them and they sold for over $10.00 on eBay for the pair, and to a fast paying customer in England.

    That is better than a 95% gross margin. Woo Hoo. Not much money but easy.

  82. Vickie Says:

    At a library sale spoted some model railroad magazine dating from 1979 to 1995. Since they wanted $25.00 for the magazines and no certain how they would sell, offered $16.00.

    Some years had all the magazines and others less.

    Received an email from a customer saying he thought his total was $360. Checked the final results–Pure profit of $495.00

  83. Lynn Says:

    Terry, this is a great idea and I look forward to reading the book when you get it finished.

    I had an old teen annual from the seventies, I think it was My Guy but I’m not certain. It was not in a suitable condition to list on eBay, the covers were quite tatty and there was some writing inside the book, but it included a 4-page article on actor Ben Murphy. I tore the four pages from the book, listed them in the TV Memorabilia category and was pleasantly surprised when a bidding war pushed the price up to £24 (around $47).

    It’s highly unlikely that I’d have got anywhere near that amount if I had listed the book as is.


  84. William Arwood Says:

    I acquired ten RCA brand gel keyboard wrist rests from a 99cents only store and wished that I had gotten more. I listed them with a 2.99 starting bid and they sold for $8.00 to $12.00 each.

  85. Bill W Says:

    Last year i was digging through a drawer and found a pair of hearing aids aquired after my grandmother passed away several years before. Not sure why I had them just did. So I decided to list them and to my surprise they sold for almost $300.

  86. William Arwood Says:

    I was in a hospital waiting room and one of the nurses was going to throw away a puzzle of Elvis Presley’s Graceland Mansion if somebody didn’t take it. Nobody wanted it. I took it and it brought $16.00 on Ebay.

  87. Terry Heintz Says:

    Unusal Dragonware Peices seem to go real high on ebay. Of coarse OLd Levi Jeans. Older watches and clocks Im always surprised how well they do.

  88. Dick Turosh Says:

    Hi Terry,

    My most recent item was a 5×7 picture of a little cowgirl sitting on a pony that came in a box lot I bought at auction for $7 and it was inside a magazine in the bottom of the box. I put it on eBay and got $30.50. In another box lot purchase that I paid $30 for there was small brass Antique padlock that brought $47 on eBay, it also had 3 Antique straight razors that sold for $101.99, a WWII book on weapons at sold at $5.99, and an Airguide Auto Compass that sold for $9.99, that one box which I paid $30 for brought me $164.97 on eBay in one week. One of my best ones was a piece of test equipment used to find gas leaks, that I found at a Thrift store, it was in a Zero Halliburton Aluminum case with all the original manuals and the bill of sale. I paid $20 for it, the bill of sale said it sold for $3695.00 in 1990; it needed batteries but worked when the charger was plugged in. I put it on eBay and it brought $1120.00 from 3 bidders going head to head for a week. I could go on with many more great deals like that, but it proves one thing, you never know what can happen on eBay with the smallest cheapest thing you have.

    Dick Turosh

  89. Cheryl B. Says:

    I found an old WWII Army signal lantern in the garage. It looked like trash, but I cleaned it up and sold it for $51.00. Also found a fairly plain looking coffee mug that turned out to be from a highly collectible pattern and got $16.50 for that. At a garage sale, I paid $2 for a set of 180 thread count set of sheets that were still new in the package, although the package was torn open. I didn’t think 180 thread count would sell at all these days, but got $15 for those. Also found a blue fox fur coat for $50 at a church sale and sold that for $125.

    Thanks for all the great ideas!

    Cheryl B.

  90. Deb P. Says:

    I purchased a pair of “giraffe” earrings for .50 to give my sister as a joke (that’s a long story so I won’t go into it here). Anyway, after we all got a good laugh, I decided to list them on eBay to see if anyone would buy them. I knew they wouldn’t sell for much but figured I’d try to recoup my money and make a few cents. I couldn’t believe it when the bids started coming in. The auction ended up with 19 bids (and many more watchers!) and sold for a whopping $37.00. I couldn’t believe it!!!

  91. Stuart Turnbull Says:

    Hi Terry
    Stuart here in the UK. A few years back I found an old, illustrated book on foxhunting at a flea sale. I paid $20. Removed the plates (illustrations) mounted them ($1 each) and they sold on eBay for between $40 and $80 each (the book contained 16 plates!)
    I’ve turned this into a regular part time money earner which you can read about at

  92. Judy Schwartz Says:

    As an old Avon rep, I made the most money selling samples that cost me pennies.
    Also any old discontinued Avon item sold for 5-6 times the actual original cost.
    An old book I found in my basement sold for $40, and I have no idea why, I was going to throw it out. I have so much stuff, and not enough time for ebay!

  93. Art Goyette Says:

    My biggest surprise to date is a Miss Twiggy purse remember her from the 60s I paid $10.00 sold for $212.00I have been looking for more

  94. Andrea Says:

    I sold my step-father’s old 1970’s Pulsar LED watch with a Speitel band. I wrote in the post that I couldn’t be sure it would still work by the time the person got it as I had only been able to get it to come on a few times. Still the watch sold for $158.49!! Who Knew!?!

  95. Diane Says:

    Sold a Debbie Mumm Mummford plush stuffed penguin for $75.00 (Bought him for $2.50 at a thrift store). Turns out he was made famous by the Friends tv show and was Joey’s pal. Joey named him Hugsy. The market has declined a bit for him, but he usually brings at least $30 now.

    Recently sold a set of Angelina Ballerina poseable figures for $99.99.

    Peggy Moffit book I bought for $.25 cents sold for $49.99.

  96. S. Sowin Says:

    We live in the country and have some old farm related equipment around. The best thing that we sold was an air pressure gauge that said, “Michelin Tires” on the side and had the Michelin guy on it. It sold for $260!
    We have also gotten good returns on old farm equipment manuals and gas nozzles.

  97. Wreb_selz Says:

    Terry……Over the past 6 years I have sold a number of items on ebaY for far more than I had invested, much to my surprise. I have never liked ebaY’s advice to drop your starting price if an item failed to sell on the first go around. After all you’ve just increased your overhead on the item, sometimes doubling the original cost. My most surprising sale was from such an item that failed to sell on the first two listings, normally I stop if it doesn’t sell the second time. I decided to experiment and listed a pair of mid 1800s cast metal newel post figures, a matching boy and girl in colonial garb. The first listing was below cost and the response according to the counter was terrible and there weren’t even any questions. The second listing I raised my starting price $20 and was rewarded with questions and a respectable counter count. Still they didn’t sell so I decided to triple the original starting price and BINGO! they sold………Wreb-selz

    Trash & garbage are….”COLLECTIBLE” …at least once a week
    “BOOK” is for dealers that can afford long term storage

  98. Roseanne Loseke Says:

    I have an old Betty Crocker cookbook that I just love. I decided to find one for my daughter who is in the USAF. I thought it would be inexpensive but I found out they are collectible items. I bid on several that went for over $30. then finally was able to actually buy one for $17. I’m going to take better care of the one I have from now on!

  99. Dianne Williams Says:

    Clearing out the house I came across a pair of old leather goggles that we had all played with as children. Having little expectation I listed them on Ebay and eventually received £90.00 from an overseas buyer who identified them as World War 2 British Army issue. Had I not listed them I would almost certainly have thrown them away.

  100. Sue Says:

    A 3 bedroom, Craftsman, 1925 house. $53,000. eBay had a real estate listing sale a couple of years ago. We had had some trouble getting prospective buyers so thought we couldn’t lose much other than the $150 to list it. The listing ended after a month but people who had been watching ~2,000 miles away, bought it. All was done by fax, email and phone and we didn’t have to give a realtor 7% so we could reduce the price for the buyers. Wish they’d have another listing sale. I have two more houses I would love to list.

  101. R Himmelmayer Says:

    Hi Terry,
    I sold an old used pasta maker, which almost landed in the garbage, for around $40. It went to Belize, and I was asked by the buyer if I had anymore. Was pretty blown away by that one, since in wasn’t in prefect shape, but I was up front about it.

  102. Lisa H Says:

    I went second hand clothing store shopping and brought a Roger Federov Jersey for $7.00. I bought it from my husband as he is a hockey goallie in our local town in Australia and needed a shirt that would fit over his padding. In the mean time he found himself another shirt so this one wasnt neded so I put it on Ebay. The Jersey sold for $69.00AU

    I was amazed!!!!

  103. joseph rozwood Says:

    I purchased a Playstation 1 game called blast lacrosse at a garage sale and paid 3.00 for it. I ended up selling it on ebay for 83.00 since it was a RARE game

  104. Michelle Shemenske Says:

    I bought a set of owners manuals that included the car manual, the radio manual, and the service booklet in the original plastic cover for a 1974 VW Beetle for $1 at a neighbors yard sale. I sold it shortly afterward for $67 on eBay. All car manuals that are for a specific model sell like crazy and, the older the better.

    We’re “old paper” dealers primarily and we find all sorts of surprising paper items that sell. One thing you should always watch for Real Photo Postcards. These are actual photographs that were taken during the 1920-30s with a special camera. Many people had these and took original photos of people, places, and events. They then then had these developed as postcards. These 3×5″ pieces of paper can sell for $100s depending on the subject. We’ve seen them go for $600 or more. We’ve never been that lucky but we have sold many above $30 and several above $50.

  105. Debbie Says:

    I purchased four mens neck ties at a garage sale. They caught my attention because they had a sign on them that read, Jerry Garcia. Another buyer picked up the other 6. I paid $4.00 for them and sold them for $104.00 in a lot on ebay. They were from the Filmore in San Francisco. They were beautifully decorated and each had an artists name printed on the front. Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Janis Joplin, Pink Floyd. The person that bought them from me, relisted them individually, under rock and roll memorabilia on ebay and profitted at least another $30.00 on each tie even after his costs to buy them from me. I had listed them under men’s neck ties. Had no clue!!

  106. Al P Says:

    I picked up a carton of 10 old WWII military manuals at an estate sale for $3.00. One, a USN diving manual sold for $70.25 and a USN Yeoman’s Guide sold for $89.00. The others sold from $7.99 to $22.50.
    Whenever I can find WWII militaria I send emails to prior customers and advise them when the listing will be made.

  107. peter K. Says:

    Had 5 Modelairplane engines new in boxes tht were 18 yyrs old. All sold for 3 to 5 times what I paid for them. Th highest one was to a Swiss collector fro $175

  108. Diane G Says:

    I recently bought a name brand handbag in new condition at a Rummage Sale for $50 and it sold for $250. I was shocked.
    I bought a Annette Funicello CD box set at a yard sale for $2.00. It sold on Ebay for $25.00.
    You gotta love Ebay!!

  109. Lori Says:

    Baby and kids stuff continue to amaze me. When my son was little, I would buy nice brand name clothes at garage sales (would never pay more than $1 or $2), he would wear them 6 months, and I would consistantly sell them for $10-$20. The best selling items were baby sports team logo’d clothes. I would sell his football logo’d clothes for many times what we paid for them new. Also, old video games and systems not available anymore. They brought in great prices!!

  110. Michael Nix Says:

    I use to spend weekends going to yard sales. Sometimes it paid off with a treasure or two.
    I bought a 5 inch Spiderman figure for 10 cents. I decided to see what it might bring on ebay. My wife told me I was wasting my time and money.
    It brought $17.53!
    My next yard sale resulted in finding a metal Peter Pan lunchbox that I purchased for a quarter. I sold it on ebay for $98.00.
    Another was a Marx train, new in the box, from the 70’s. I paid $20 for the train and sold it on ebay for $150.
    You never know what someone will buy on ebay. Many times the “crap” I was getting ready to get rid of is the “crap” I sold on ebay!

  111. Barbara Stats Says:

    I bought a 1960’s Masonic book that described in detail the 32 degrees of Masonry. It was in fair condition and had a program from an induction ceremony in Little Rock Arkansas taped inside. I paid $1.00 It sold for about $25.

    And a 1941 Navy Seaman’s manual sold for about $20. I had paid fifty cents from a man who said the book belonged to his dad and had the name written inside. I couldn’t believe he was selling it. A Marine bought it. Semper Fi!

  112. Wayne James Says:

    In the year 2000 one of my early sales on eBay was a kit for a Marx Fix-All Station Wagon w/ Transparent V-8 which I had found at a garage sale many years earlier. (I bought the kit because I had owned a 1963 Mercury station wagon when it was new in 1963, and the model in this kit resembled that vehicle.)

    I never got around to working on the kit and forgot about it until cleaning out the attic when we were moving. It sold to a delighted buyer for $96.00.

  113. suzi Says:

    My sister inherited a bunch of ceramics and dinner ware from an aunt last year. We decided to list them on ebay. There was a green glass goblet with a moose etched on it…I started the auction at about $5.00…and the thing sold for $75!!

  114. Diane DeSalvo Says:

    I was clearing off things on top of my dryer and found a pair of Grinch gloves that a boy had given my daughter when she was in third grade. She’s 21 now! They were made of regular old felt and had white fur around them. I was going to throw them away, but it was around Halloween so I listed them on Ebay. I started them at $1.99, expecting maybe $5. I ended up getting $54!

  115. Rod Schrivener Says:

    Listed an old Polaroid camera and opening bid posted at $4.99. The camera went for $45.99. Amazing what people will buy.

  116. Molly G. Says:

    I’ve had quite a few “Aha” eBay sales in the almost seven years I’ve been at this. My first Christmas on eBay I bought a small 6″ high wooden Nutcracker at a thrift store for $.69 cents. It had some minor dents and scratches so I figured I might get just a few dollars for it. It sold for almost $18.00! There was a small Cat Face Plaque, 3-D and brightly painted but it was resin not porcelain. It was a gift so I paid nothing, it sold for $30.00. I’ve sold many old craft books and VHS video tapes too, for more than I ever thought they’d bring. One old Australian movie that I paid nothing for as it came from an inherited collection, sold for over $27.00. Most recently, I started selling vintage postcards. A few months ago I had a Linen-era one of a basic shoreline scene: ocean, cliffs with a road and an old car on it and a woman walking along the side of the road. Nothing remarkable, no buildings etc. It sold for over $70.00!!! It’s items like these that keep me in the business, so, I’m definitely looking forward to the new book!

  117. Susan Says:

    I purchased a vintage door knob cover, made of some sort of rubber/plastic. It’s the kind that would go over an old glass door knob… nothing special. I bought it for 99 cents at a thrift shop just because I thought it might work on one of our ugly basement doorknobs. When I searched for something similar on ebay, there wasn’t anything like it, so I thought why not list it. It wasn’t something that I just had to have… it sold on ebay for just under $90!

    I had a bunch of craft books that I no longer needed and listed them all at the same time in individual auctions. All of them sold except for 1. A couple of weeks later I relisted the unsold book with a starting bid of $4.95 and it sold for $114! The best part is, that this book was readily available on amazon and other sites for $15-$20.

  118. Stephanie Says:

    I was given some old magazines at a yard sale. I sold some back issues of Mother Earth News for almost $30.00. My mom gave me a few dishes that were in an old paper bag. Nobody wanted them. I did some research and sold three mugs for almost $40.00 and a dessert bowl for $10.00. My neighbor was throwing out old medical books from the 30s and 40s. I have sold a few of them for varying amounts. It just goes to show the old saying is true…one man’s trash is definitely another man’s treasure.

  119. Bea Shento Says:

    Sold a 15 year old Baldwin Brass lamp shade that set in my closet for a long time. It sold for $60.00 without the lamp.

  120. Doc Jakson Says:

    A couple of things come to mind..first a book which I bought for $25 at a convention sold for $125 and a Dark Tower game , purchased for my kids a number of years ago, sold for $280.00..I’ve had several other real surprises over the years, but these two rose to the surface when Terry asked the question.

    all the best to all,

  121. kenhotlanta Says:

    I sold a 1975 Pink Floyd concert poster for 1125.00, then I found another copy and sold the second one for the same price. It was a great day in the neighborhood!

  122. Debbie Henry Says:

    Hi Terry!

    I’m divulging a HUGE secret here… AND no one has seemed to mention it as yet.

    Old Corning Ware (Cornflower Blue & Spice of Life) & Visions (the glass amber & cranberry pots) that sell for 25 to 50 cents each at yard sales make BIG Bucks on eBay!! I was SHOCKED when I realized this a couple years back.

    Also, VINTAGE (the OLD harvest colors especially) Tupperware, Ultra 21 Ware and the Watercolor Acrylic Cups do GREAT!!

    Pampered Chef branded items and expecially their baking stones.

    SOME Pfaltzgraff items, but it is hit or miss for these items.

    Items need to be in good to excellent shape & NEVER sell LARGE lots. It’s best to sell only a piece or two of Corning or a lot of 2 to 4 dinnerware pieces. People are usually looking to fill in and replace NOT buy entire sets. Also, there is a “bargain mentality” on eBay and the more items you have the cheaper per piece people are expecting to pay.

    I personally make my living on eBay selling mainly these types of items — they go for cheap at thrift stores and yard sales, and BIG bucks on eBay.

  123. Mike D. Says:

    My greatest surprise was cleaning out the garage and selling an old oxidized set of aluminum valve covers for 99.00 !! I started the bid at 4.99 and hoped to get 20 bucks. I was certainly surprised.

  124. Jill Lowman Says:

    I was looking for a gag gift for my husband’s retirement present and knew I had found the perfect one at a garage sale. It was an old time clock for $5. After pairng it with some time cards and telling him it was so he could clock in and work around the house when he retired. After the gag we decided to sell it on ebay. It worked great and looked like knew - and it sold for about $180.

  125. Billy Gleghorn Says:

    I almost forgot this one and how could I? I was working one rainy day in an apartment complex and drove by a dumpster… I noticed what looked like an airplane propellor laying beside a trash dumpster. To my surprise that was excactly what it was, an old wooden airplane propellor about 7 feet long. I took it home, dried it off, hung it on the wall and admired it for years. After a move it ended up under the bed and stayed there for a few more years I recently took it out, took pictures and listed it. It sold for $600.00 and $75.00 shipping. The shipping part is what I had dreaded the most. How to ship a 7 foot long object? To my good fortune the winning bidder was a local man that came and picked it up. Of course I didn’t charge the shipping but I did find 600 bills that day in the trash. One mans trash is truly another mans treasure!

  126. Nikki Says:

    I found 1,000’s of brand new Avanti greeting cards that someone had thrown away. I sold them individually for up to $5.00/card and then as lots for up to $10 - $15! I was shocked! I made a few hundred dollars from someone else’s trash!

  127. Bob Says:

    I had an old power saw that my Grandfather used in the 1970’s. He took good care of his tools and even had the original box. I was just trying to clear out some stuff and listed the saw on ebay. I wasn’t expecting more than $25, figuring it was much like the other tools I had laying about. But I sure was surprised and delighted with the $182 and change received.

  128. Chuck B. Says:

    A few years ago some friends brought me a fruit jar to sell for them on consignment on eBay. I knew it was pretty rare, but the final price floored me. $6511.00 for a one quart canning jar. WOW! And to think that many years ago it was a common jar probably used in someones home for canning precious food to get them through winter. My how things change.

  129. K B Says:

    This is a great thread! I’ve sold a 25 year old atari game for $40 and 20-year old car radios for $40-100. It’s truly amazing what is in demand.

  130. Larry Hutchings Says:

    My biggest surprise was a set of (4) old cotton mill wooden pattern gears.
    My son and I had taken them to different cities and tried to sell them at garage and yard sales in a 100 mile radius and priced them at $70.00 for the complete set. Had no luck, but lots of window shoppers and several folks said to just throw them in the trash can. Well we decided to keep them and then last August I listed them on eBay with a staring bid of $19.99 and the last day of the listing they sold for $612.00. This was just unbeliveable. Not bad for a $40.00 investement.


  131. Jen Says:

    I sold a mini blue M&M dispenser for over $50 (it came free with some M&Ms). After that I tracked down some more and they all sold for around that amount.

  132. Ralph Ferrell Says:

    I had 3 pencil sharpeners shaped like a space capsule rolling around in my desk drawer for about 20 years. I listed them on eBay hoping to get rid of them and possibly make a few dollars. Was I ever surprised when the auction ended at over $28.

    Terry says: Sterling Plastics made a pencil sharpener Saturn rocket. Nose cone was a sharpener, the body held pencils. The nose cones come in different colors. These sell for good money because they were used on Lionel flatcars as loads.

  133. Joan C Says:

    Love reading all the finds!

    My best one to date was a Limoges handpainted china plate, signed by the artist, made in the early 20th century. I paid $4 for it at a church sale. Put a lot of research into it, was excited to see it could sell for about $40 ~ was even more excited when it sold to a collector for $368.

    On a lesser scale, I paid .25 at an estate sale for a Wham-O Glow-in-the-Dark Moonlight plastic frisbee ~ it sold for $53.

  134. Jim Sharp Says:

    I was at a garage sale and I brought 2 items from the lady for $8.00 and I handed her a $10 bill. She didn’t have any change so I asked her what she wanted for a Art Nevo Mirror and she said take it for the $2.00. I put it on ebay and started it out for $9.99 and it sold for $63.00 and I could not believe it. Good luck with your book and let me know when you finish it.

  135. Heather B. Says:

    I listed some old native, beat-up beaded (possibly 1920s Algonquin Indian) moccassins, that had been my Grandfather’s, as a charity auction for my brother, who needed money. The moccassins were stained and smelly, and beading was falling off. My brother had worn actually worn these relics at the cottage. I photoed them nicely against deep blue background and wrote a great (and completely honest) description. I was concerned that they wouldn’t sell at all at $10, and that I would lose my listing fees. To my surprise they sold to someone in the western US for $186 US! I think when I have done charity auctions for my dear (gay) brother, that sales have really gone up as the gay community wants to support one of their own. Isn’t Ebay great. Thanks Terry for this opportunity to share.

  136. d.a.r.y.l Says:

    Hey Terry,

    Great idea.
    A couple of years ago I purchased a teapot at a local auction for $16.75.I had no intension of buying it but I got into a bidding war with a local antique dealer that I really didn’t care for and I had in mind of running it up and dropping out but it backfired and I ended up with it.It was a Hall Superior in the Connie pattern and boy was it an ugly green and gold.It turned out to be in mint condition but it was still UGLY.I listed it on the bay for a .99 start.I checked it an hour after the listing started just to see if there was any action.Needless to say I was in total shock to find that it had 25 bids and was at $280,that’s when it became the most beautiful teapot that I had ever seen.The $280 bid was the closing bid for the teapot.Really unusual to get all the action in the first hour the listing.That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.It really was an UGLY teapot.BTW I enjoy your news letter keep up the good work.

  137. Jane Says:

    I bought a nice Anna Sui Eye Shadow make up set from ebay for S$15, able to get a good bargain from best offer.

  138. Bob Says:

    At one time I had been seling alot of 1950’s Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines. Mos had gone in the $3 - $5 range. Then I listed one that had a “Snow Cat” on the cover. Final auction price was $110 plus he wanted Overnight shipping from the U.S. to the U.K.

    Definately a pleasant surprise from something I found treasure hunting, a.k.a. trash picking in some areas.

  139. carol Says:

    a friend of mine had given me an animated Santa Claus that sang Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. it didn’t sell in her garage sale, so she gave it to me to try and sell on eBay to contribute to a mission trip fund… it sold for $103! one of the first items i ever sold on eBay was a silver fork that i had picked up at Goodwill for 17 cents. i sold it for $11! not a bad profit. too bad i can’t find them anymore. =(

  140. Patrick Says:

    I sold a set of Alien #1-4 comic book set (usually sells for $9.95) that went for over $30.00. Surprised I was.

  141. Brian Rivers Says:

    I had a unbuilt model of a motorcycle and the rider in my closet,Tamiya Suzuki RM250 and the rider was was a seperate kit.The box was bent from stacking stuff on it,but otherwise unbuilt inside.The size of bike was 1/12th and maybe big enough to fit in your hand if built…anyway fetched $90.49 together !!! Most likely if my wife would have cleaned out the closet,she’d threw it out ! Using Terry’s auction tips helped ! Was a breeze to ship in a small box,and went to Australia… those blokes!

  142. Brad Hulett Says:

    I found an old 1 pound Gordons Potato Chip can while cleaning out my parents estate. (not in the greatest condition) I took some good pictures and listed it for .99 hoping for maybe $10.00. I had seen others that looked in better shape go for $20-30 bucks. Much to my pleasent surprise it sold for close to $80.00!

  143. Julio Lemmen-Meyer Says:

    I recently sold a brick cell phone from the 80´s for $183. I bought a brand new cell phone with that money. ….amazing!

  144. William Chadek Says:

    I was selling some Aroura model motoring stuff from my youth, Some of my cars were fetching $20-$30 and I was pleased. In one of my boxes was just the body of one of the cars. It had never been used and was a candy apple red Mustang with gray racing stripes. The response was tremendous, people emailing me with offers to end the sale for their price……$80, $125, $231….I did not end the auction early and at the end a 2 inch plastic car body sold for $734!! I was utterly astounded and now search all auctions for old Aroura racing stuff!

  145. William Chadek Says:

    One other posession I sold last December was an 1867 volume of Gray’s Anatomy. I had tried twice earlier with a $99 starting price and a $125 Buy It Now with no luck , then on a third and final listing the bidding war started and it was won by a soon to be bride who purchased it for her soon to be husband and Doctor………..for $339!
    Timing is everything it seems!

  146. Cheryl Says:

    We found a 1959 New Orleans phone book at an estate sale. It was actually in a box with some junk that was going to be tossed - we pulled it out and put it with all the other items we bought…net cost on the book ended up around 50 cents or so. We hoped we’d get around $50 for it… it ended up selling for $224.50! It was appropriate that it was sent back “home” to New Orleans as well! Would love to have another sale like that!

  147. Zack Odom Says:

    I had purchased a box of model train hobby materials at a local consignment shop for $10.00. I was mainly interested in the tools (worth more than $10.00) that was included with the hobby materials. The Power Command Train Transformer MRC Model 9000 Tech 3 I stashed back thinking one day it would probably bring me a few bucks on eBay, basically recouping my $10.00 investment. WOW! Was I surprised! It sold on eBay for $50.00.

  148. Karen K Ortiz Says:

    I have been doing eBay since the end of Nov 2005. That first Christmas, I had several successes. The first was a musical Purple People Eater Doll with a low cost price tag in his ear from WalGreens. I got it for 25 cents at a yard sale and it sold for $70. The second item was a large box of wooden brio train tracks, trains and accessories. I paid $8 and sold it for around$100.00. The week before Christmas I bought 4 American Girl Patterns for 50 cents each. Each one had the pieces and instructions to make a complete wardrobe of clothes for a different doll. I sold them for around $50 each. Then came January & February and almost nothing sold.

    During that same time period I bought a couple of large old rag dolls for a quarter a piece. I took them home and couldn’t find any like them on eBay. They had some small stains, were well played with and even had some small tears. I kept them for about 2 years, then decided to put them in a garage sale. I did one last search. I still didn’t find them but discovered other rubber faced dolls from the same company(Rushton). Some sold really good and some didn’t. I took a chance and listed them. in the description I asked if anyone was familiar with them, could they give me some history. I started getting watchers and bidders, and also a couple of emails telling me that the girl was the same doll that was Ms. Beasley on Family Affair. It was suggested that I end the auction and relist them with Ms. Beasley in the title. I did and they brought in somewhere around $1oo.
    Some other successes:
    Huge lot of computer magazines from the 80s - paid $6. I divided them into 4 lots and sold them for over $80.
    Bought 4 different interactive game software for older computers. One sold for $59
    Old dusty covered wagon with broken wheel and “”heche in mexico on the bottom. Given to me to sell. It ended at $89
    Bought 4 war type board games for 50 cents each. 2 sold for $30 each and 1 for $70
    CPR Manikin - paid $5, sold for $70

    Thanks Terry for all you do

  149. Sandy carver Says:

    I just sold a coin changer from a candy vending machine for $50.00.

  150. Colin Caynes Says:

    Hi, I was at a tip shop and found a little book about 4inches square and only 20 pages thick, it cost me 5 cents it was called “epidomious and his puppy” I listed it for 99 cents thinking to make just that and to my surprise it sold for $33.50. It was the most racist thing that I have ever read.
    I also sold a leather bound Readers Digest Book for $50 which we got 3 for $1 from a vinnies store.

  151. Nicholl Says:

    I had an old trunk of items back in 2001 and thought one day I would just post them on Ebay. Some of the things included an old Sherlock Holmes computer software game that I found in a bin at an office supply store years before I paid $10. It sold on ebay for $74. I got another suprise an old record I got for free sold for about $15. Old toys also did well including a tabletop game Donkey Kong Jr. sold for $60. Thanks in advance for putting the book together, I can’t wait to read it!

  152. Carol Baker Says:

    we (hubby & I)belong to the local Harley Owners Group (HOG club) and also the National one - and we each get a “free” patch and matching pin each year. I don’t bother sewing mine to vests, jackets, etc and had quite a few years, so I listed one set and got $40+ and the neat part was that it went to a Harley owner in France - we emailed back and forth and he emails photos of him and his wife on their Harley. I listed a few more and averaged from a low of $12 to a high in the $40’s. (I’ve got some more, got to get back to listing some again!) Thanks, Terry for all your great ideas, advice and good common sense approach to things!

  153. Gillian Says:

    daughter bought a house on the understanding they clear all the junk out.
    they were burning boxes and boxes of stuff I dropped by and snagged four boxes of Old turn of the century Granby Mining Reports complete with assays and old photos. the first one a I put up sold for $150 and so far I have sold two boxes full for over $2000.00 so now the joke is they burnt there new babies college fund but I am plugging away selling the rest of there ‘junk’ and it is fetching small but regular donations to the college fund. i am now hooked on ebay and trying to move from used to knew stock but new does not seem as lucrative as all my thrift store finds and there barn full of junk.

    I have lots to learn about web marketing but I enjoy the challenge

  154. Ron Johnson Says:

    Hi Terry
    Thanks for your great newsletter and website. I’ve learned an aweful lot from you, and want to say “THANKS!!!” again.
    A few things:
    A few years ago, as a joke my nephew gave his dad a set of 3 cheap plastic/foam cups, made by Aladdin I believe. They featured the 3 stooges, and were sold back in the 90’s by Clark gas stations for a dollar or two each. Last year, I listed them for my sister on Ebay, and they brought $45.00!
    A few months ago, my wife picked up a tiny porcelain mermaid figurine for a quarter at a garage sale. Sold for $28 and change; all we could do was laugh.
    And about two months ago, my wife bought 5 large boxes of Enesco’s Kim Anderson Pretty As A Picture figurines at another garage sale for $50. Almost 200 of them. She kept about half for her own collection, gave me the rest to sell. One brought $79.96; another is still available with bidding up to over $60 as I write this. So far I have sold about a third of the ones she gave me, for an average of almost $20 each. I am listing 10 or so each week to keep from glutting the market all at once, and selling about half of each group. Best single buy my wife or I ever made was that $50 pile of figurines!
    Combining my wife’s “eye” for the “treasures” with Terry’s tips & techniques is doing wonders for our bank account!

  155. Maurice Says:

    Bought an early 1980’s sears portable sewing machine in working order with case at a yard sale for $20.00. Sold it on ebay much to my surprise for over $200.00. Most hits I ever had on auction- just under 1,000! Also 1980’s vintage Yamaha keyboards-the consumer kind, not the pro ones- can be found at yard sales for ~$10.00 or so and usually sell for well over $100.00 on ebay- apparently they are sought after by DJs.

  156. Sue Says:

    I was wandering through a thrift store and they brought out an unusual chair made of ash. It had great lines and was only $10 so I bought it. Got it home and there was a little metal tag that said Vermont Tubbs. Found it was from the 40s so listed it at 9.99 w/ buy it now 199. It sold within the hour! Now I know it might have gone for 300 but who cares? The buyer was thrilled.

  157. CJ Says:

    Bought some vintage thread on wooden spools at a yard sale. I laid them out in groups according to color families and took the picture for my auction. I don’t recall what I paid for them and really had no idea what to expect them to close at but I do recall it sure was fun to watch the price rise.

  158. Sandi Says:

    Last September at a garage sale my husband bought 3 boxes of Classic Car Collector Cards, most of which were still sealed in their packaging, for $25.00. We started the auction out at $49.99, and they sold for $175.00!

    At the same garage sale we also bought a Sansui 8080 stereo receiver (tube type) and included the brochure for $35.00. It also sold on eBay for $175.00.

    At a garage sale a few years ago we bought a large box of juke box parts for $35.00. As luck would have it, the parts went to a fairly popular/rare juke box (Wurlitzer Model 1100), and they sold for over $300.00!

    We weren’t even looking for stuff to resell on eBay, but when opportunity knocks, it is hard to turn it down.

    One last story…we were looking for boxes in a dumpster next to some storage buildings, and found in one box about 20 vintage but new in the package light switch plate covers with various members of Charles Schultz Snoopy gang. This was right after Charles Schultz had died. We put one of each kind on eBay and when those sold, we offered the duplicates to each of those buyers at the price they sold for. We wound up making over $300.00!!

  159. L. Melen Says:

    I purchased a pair of really different cowboy boots at an auction they were red, black, yellow, white, green the worst combination ever and with a big eagle on the front. I paid 35.00 and they went for over 200.00.

    My husband found a car body toy in our pasture, no tires, chrome, bumper, just the body. I listed it as unknown kind and the guy said it was a 32 Chrysler Air Flow. and paid 60.00 for it.

    Since 2003 I have sold lots on eBay and it’s always a surprise when something goes way over but you just never know anything is possible on eBay.

  160. Steve Says:

    In an old trunk of mine, I came across the program for a Jefferson Airplane (remember them) rock concert I had gone to in the 60s. I hadn’t actually saved it all those years, just never thrown it out and it was in with a bunch of other old stuff. This wasn’t a special souvenir program for which there was an extra charge, but just the free program that was handed out to everyone who attended.

    Nevertheless, I figured it might be worth something — especially because one of the warm-up groups was a then little known band called the Grateful Dead. I listed it on eBay in 1999 at a starting price of $4.95. Very early on, I knew I had something special because the price wss bid up quickly and I got a lot of e-mail about the item. The e-mails included several that begged me to end the auction early and sell it privately, offering $300 if I would do so.

    I’ve always believed it isn’t appropriate to stop an eBay auction — the fair thing is to let everyone interested have an equal chance to bid and buy. I let the 7-day auction run its course. The bidding continued and concluded with some wild bidding at the end. To my astonished delight, the final sale price was a whopping $915.

    My only regret is that the auditorium floor at the end of the concert had been littered with discarded programs. I could have picked up dozens of them, but who knew at the time.

  161. Edward Reid Power Says:

    “Ten Years in an Open-Neck Shirt”, an unprepossessing paperback book of poems by John Cooper Clark, which sold for over thirty euros, and which even had a flyleaf missing.

  162. Kathy Says:

    I found a book written about the Titanic voyage. It was written in the 1940’s, was a hardcover dustjacket book, but nothing that special, so I thought. I paid $.50 cents at the local Goodwill for it. It sold for $88.00

  163. Kathy Says:

    Another item my father-in-law gave me was a Surge milker, used for cows, goats, etc. I knew nothing about it so I looked it up and they sold for more money than I thought. He got it for free, and I sold it for $55.00.

  164. Ernie Massmann Says:

    Hi, I read you mail as soon as it arrives. Although not all applies to me (a small seller helping my elderly parents downsize their household belongings in preparation to a move) I find many helpful tips. My parents accumulated many odd items over the years and many have been stashed in the attic and pantry. I listed a wooden jigsaw puzzle that belonged to my grandmother for $9.99, just hoping to get a single bid. The box was coming apart, there was no picture of the puzzle on the box and I had to assemble the 400+ pieces to see what the puzzle was and to photograph it. Much to my shock, it brought in $120+. My parents were astonished. Sure wish we had found more! I enjoy your newsletter. Thanks. Ernie M

  165. Suessp Says:

    Years back, I bought a box lot of books at a local auction for 5.00. They were all 1940’s books most with dust jackets.

    The next morning, when I took the box out of the car, I noticed money sliding out of one of the books! Not American, I did some research. They were Zwazig Kronens, most of the serial numbers were in sequence. I listed and sold 1/2 of the bills, for $1150.00. I kept a 25 or so, put them back in the book and am saving for a rainy day. The rest of the books I sold for 7.99 each, there were about 30 of them.

    Wish I could make those finds each week!

    Great Topic, Terry…It inspires and motivates us to start listing again! Look foward to the book.

  166. kevin cross Says:

    the most amazing thing i have sold on ebay was a nappy wrap bin got it free with a voucher from a mothering club when daughter was born and got £27 for it only retails at £24.99 but too many people have realised this now lucky if bids go over £6.00 now.

  167. Lynn Says:

    I bought a set of Corelle blueonion dishes last summer at a thrift store for about $20. There were a lot of serving pieces with it - salt & pepper shaker, large bowl, etc. I broke the pieces into separate auction, I think something like 8 dinner plates, 8 luncheon plates….they ended up totally over $200!


  168. John Says:

    Sold a book on breeding and raising guppies. I paid $10 to $12 for it and it brought $65.00 on eBay.

  169. Melinda Says: Says:

    Old electronic Christmas items always sell well — go figure. I sold a cheap plastic ornament ball with a plug that played bird songs. It was screechy & cheap and sold for over $20! I found a screw-in light bulb with a top shaped like a rhinestone pin only it had red plastic “jewels” — also a Christmas item that came with a box. Bought it for 25 cents and sold it for almost $50.00. A buyer said it was commonly called a Majestic star. Musical “Bells of Christmas” sell well, especially the ones that have a clapper that actually moves and not just the light bulb that lights when the songs play. Thanks for the GREAT thread!

  170. Jim Buijnarowski Says:

    About a year ago I went to the post office to mail some items that I had sold on eBay and noticed that the town hall next door was having a rummage sale. I wasn’t going to stop in, but my wife said why not?

    Nothing much of interest, but a WWII Mae West that piolts used to wear. It was in excellent condition and had the date of manufacture (December 1943) and company name stamped on it. I asked how much? He said $15.00, I said how about $10.00? He said OK. Sold on eBay for $365.00!!!

  171. Bob Beckman Says:

    I found a WWII vintage souvenir rayon pillowcase from Pearl Harbor while cleaning out my mother’s house. It was sent as a present to her from my father while stationed there. It featured beach scenes, hula dancers, and a central image of an old Navy PBY airplane. The item was in okay shape, but had been in a drawer for decades.

    I put it up for sale and received $45.00 for it on a Buy It Now offer. I emailed the buyer and turns out he’s an older guy who collects decorative pillow cases! You never know what someone will buy.

  172. Tracey Says:

    I found an old Harry Potter “Bertie Botts” cookie jar in the box in my attic. I listed it for $9.99 and to my surprise it sold for $384.00!

  173. Karen K Ortiz Says:

    Old home study course from the 70s or 80s on Milinary (hat making). I paid 50 cents and the final price was $139.

    Doll house, dolls and furniture - all disassembled in 3 boxes. The furniture and dolls looked well made. I paid $5 for it all. My daughter and granddaughter assembled it. It was called a Grand Mansion and had a portion of the roof missing. I sold for around $130 too.

  174. Ellen Likes Says:

    My aunt gave me a lava lamp several years ago when she was in a “cleaning mood”…I had loved that lamp for years!…Once she gave it to me I only used it a few times when I got that “nostalgic feeling” for the “good old days”!!!…LOL…I decided it was time to go so on a whim, I decided why not try to seel it on ebay…I figured it was just a piece of old junk and if it didn’t sell (I didn’t expect it to) I would just put it in the trash…Well, much to my surprise, it sold for $62.99!….Then another time, hubby and I went to a farm sale (lots of them around here all of the time)…He wanted to look at a piece of farm machinery and I didn’t want to go but I did…When they were selling some household things, there was a box that no one seem to want so the auctioneer started adding more boxes (5 big boxes in total) and I decided to bid…I bid $1.00 and no one else bid against me…So, all of those boxes ended up mine…When we got home, we looked through them and found 2 microphones…one was an Astatic (really cool looking!) but with no cord and the other was the kind used with a ham radio…The Astatic brought over $195.00 and the other brought almost $60.00!!…What an excellent profit margin!!…Now I’m on the look out of things that no one would think of selling!…

  175. Sheryl Says:

    I had a course on how to sell on eBay that included audio CDs and seom DVDs that were basically slides and a book. I had dog-earred pages in the book and wrote some notes on it. The information was still useful for someone new to eBay thought the fees & some specific information were out-dated. Since it was in pretty used condition (which I specified & showed photos of) and was about 5 years old I didn’t think I’d get a lot for it. I think I paid $165 for it new. Started it at $9.99 and hoped to get $20 or $25. It sold for $101 to a buyer in England. I’m thinking of looking for more “old courses” about other things I may have around the house or at garage sales to try.

  176. Smitty Says:

    Sold a pair of Doc Martins for $52.00 on ebay …. nice thrift store buy.

  177. Ron & Sheri Says:

    Old glass typewriter keys sell well. Apparently people use them to make jewelry & crafts.
    We’ve purchased the entire typewriters (very heavy) for $5-$10 at yard sales. We carefully remove the keys, junk the typewriter, create an auction listing and they sell very very well, bringing $50-$100 per set!

    We paid 25 cents for a 1949 Negro Motorist GREEN BOOK a small, 80 page soft cover booklet at a yard sale, it sold for a surprising $221.16 !!!

  178. Tom Says:

    My most recent sleeper was a 1961 Coleman 1 Gallon water jug with an International Harvester decal on it. Sold for $185.

  179. Dawna Anderson Says:

    I sold several rubber stamps, many for more than the original price. Recently sold an “Oriole” stamp for $16.00. The “retired” rubber stamps seem to go for the most money. Seems there are still a lot of people interested in stamping.

  180. Ev Says:

    The very first thing that I ever put on Ebay was a little tin, the size of an old aspirin tin, that I got in a box of junk at the auction. I would have sold it at my store for a buck or two at the very most. I just wanted to join in the fun of playing on Ebay.

    It was ‘Tiger Brand’ profilatics - made in NY - it said ‘for the prevention of disease’ - it had three nicely wrapped condoms still in it. It brought $352. Needless to say, I was shocked & happy. Haven’t had any major surprises since, but it was proof enough that it’s possible.

  181. John Stasiak Says:

    I purchased 2 Professional Women’s Bowling Association (PWBA) commemorative bowling balls from a GoodWill 2 years ago for $15.00 each. They were new and were never drilled for finger holes. I held them for about a year thinking they were worthless. There were never any auctions on Ebay for them so I couldn’t compare the price for them with anything.
    I finally listed one of them last year and got $75.00 for it! I listed the second one and got an e-mail from the buyer of the first ball asking if I would do a BIN for the same price as the first ball. I did and he bought the second for $75.00 as well. I have not seen any auctions for any of these bowling balls since.

  182. Daniel Says:

    I found a pepper shaker, a figural Santa Claus from a set made by Ceramic Arts Studio in Madison, Wisconsin. I payed 25 cents at a garage sale and thought I could turn that into $20 fairly easily. I was amazed at the end of the auction when that Santa Claus Pepper Shaker went for $137.50!

  183. Amy Kim Says:

    I once sold a lot of 30 rolls of expired film for $50! It went overseas.

  184. Pamela Says:

    I picked up some old Catholic Holy Cards from turn of the century-early 1900s. I paid .10 each for the 17 cards and hesitated to buy more because this buy was pure speculation. My 17 cards ended up selling for a combined total of over $300, with some selling for $6.99 and one selling for over $130. I wish I’d just bought the whole pile - it couldn’t have been more than another couple of dollars! The cards that sold best featured Jesus or the Holy Family and a lacy paper edging or gilt trim.

  185. Miranda Says:

    I sold an old camcorder, that although it was in fairly good condition and had some extras, it was NOT digital! From research I carried out, it looked as though I would be lucky to get 100$ - but I got 210$. Nice surprise!

  186. Gary Legget Says:

    Good question Terry,

    One that comes to mind is some suspenders that my mother-in-law gave us when she was cleaning out her house. They were unusual in that they had little devils running on a white background.

    They were a bit used which I pointed out in the ad with good pics. So I was thinking, oh I might get lucky and get $20 because of the little devils. Well as it turns out the brand was in big demand by collectors and the devil model was hot.

    Long story short, log in the next day, “several bids” auction closes at $223…for used suspenders! LOL


  187. Laura Says:

    Years ago, I was shopping at an Odd Lots type liquidation store, and they had Charlie Brown Cookie Jars (made by Benjamin Medwin) new, in the box for $4.00 each. I bought them all, intending to resell most of them. Since my brothers-in-law are all baseball fans, I gave each one a cookie jar (The jar featured Charlie holding his ball glove).

    A year later (1998), I sold all the cookie jars on eBay for $80 to $100, EACH. I wanted to get the cookie jars back from my brothers-in-law, but I didn’t want them to know that I had spent a measly four bucks each on their Christmas presents. Finally, I came clean, and told each brother that I would give them the money if they would let me sell the jars for them. They all said no, and explained that they were going to keep them forever as a reminder of what a skin flint their new sister-in-law was. (They were kidding, of course, or at least I think they were) To this day, I have to look at those cookie jars whenever we visit relatives.

    Also, the first Ping golf ball I sold on eBay went for $225. If you are unfamiliar with Ping golf balls, you would be smart to check out my website,, for values. There have been examples found in golf bags that sold for $700+.

  188. Kay Steele Says:

    We bought an old ammunition box–metal, painted,paint chipped,condition fair- at a garage sale for $1—–and it sold on E-Bay auction for $80. We thought we did just fine. PS My husband thought I was crazy when I wanted it. There is always a buyer out there. My grandmother used to say “there is a lid for every pot”——-how true.

    We also sold a vintage huge white girdle—new—for $42.

  189. Vicki Says:

    I bought a set of VHS videos on How to Sandblast Glass. I paid $5.00 and they sold for $75.00.

  190. Gary Legget Says:

    I thought of another story:

    About 2001 when I started selling a lot on eBay I learned a valuable lesson. If the market is big, don’t try to second guess it. For instance, behind my workshop there was a hubcap from a 1990 Dodge Caravan that had been there for years sitting against a tree.

    I was getting the eBay selling bug so I thought I would put that on there almost as a joke because my feeling at the time was “who would want this old thing?”
    It sold for about $15, I couldn’t believe it, so I put the radio from the old van up there…(were not talking cassette, just a radio) …bingo it sells…
    from that moment on, I quit trying to second guess buyers in a strong market, I just sell to them…


  191. Al Bullington Says:

    I had this book of fishing tips I bought from the Herter’s company in Minnesota years ago. I sold it for almost $30.

    My sister-in-law recently bought two “cards” of fishing flies, marketed by Wright McGill, at a yard sale for about $3 per card. Each card included about a dozen flies with a label listing the name of each fly. Each card sold for over $70 on eBay with the same two guys fighting it out for possession of each of the two cards!

  192. Stephanie Says:

    Love the stories. Taken alot of notes too. thanks all.
    I bought a pale blue honey pot in the shape of a beehive with a bee on the lid. It was made in Japan, I paid $5.00 for it and it sold for over $100.

    I bought a job lot box at a farm clearance sale for $2.00 as there was something that I wanted out of it, also inside were two aluminium retro lampshades that I held onto for ages because I thought they were ugly & no one would want them.
    They sold for a combined total of $86.00 and they asked if I had anymore.

  193. Ruth Bryant Says:

    My husband had an old typewriter that we moved around from house to house. We finally decided it was just taking up space. It was very heavy but still worked. Looking at the market there was really no market for them as the shipping was quite prohibitive due to the size and weight but what I did notice was typewriter keys were selling (people making and selling jewelry items with them). So I snipped off all the keys and sold the whole set for almost $50 and shipping was only a few dollars in a padded envelope. I still have my eye out for old typewriters with interesting looking keys!!

  194. Laura Lynn Says:

    I sold a back issue of Barbie Bazaar Magazine for $67.00. It was the second issue of the magazine in 1988! Also, a pair of wedgewood cufflinks for $125.00! Wow, that was shocker because I only paid a buck for them!
    I love ebay!

  195. Maryann Says:

    Like you, I also sold a collection of match books, plus I also sold a collection of stir sticks from back in the days when Restaurants and Hotels had their names on them. But the real surprise was a collection of sugar packets also with advertising. Rather than count them, I listed them as almost 5 pounds of sugar. They went too high to believe than anyone was just getting a jump start on their grocery shopping.

  196. betty greene Says:

    In the past, not many buyers on ebay appreciate the time that it takes to do needlepoint items but when I listed two needlepoint throw pillows at $4.95 each [the price most sell for] I had the right folks tuning in. A bidding frenzy ensued and a lady won both of the pillows for a total of $80 and was I surprised!!! She was delighted.

  197. Jan Says:

    I just sold a Springbok Last Resort puzzle for $30.00!! Bought cheap, cheap, cheap at a garage sale. Also, hard plastic Halloween nut cups for over $100 dollars that I paid 25 cents for. That was several years ago. It’s harder to get good money out of items these days.

  198. Rick Lord Says:

    A Bicentennial commerorative coin which the local Historical Society couldn’t give away for 50 cents in its Gift Shop. The first one I listed started a bidding war and went for more than $30. Also sold old 5×7 locomotive prints made from glass plates. Most went for under $10, but a few sold for $40 or more.

  199. Jay Says:

    I had two great ones with a couple of old duck calls. I thought I would get $20 for them. They turned out to be made by the Stradivarius of duck call makers and went for close to $300 each. Amazing.

  200. Rod Says:

    Biggest surprise? Probably how fast I sold a lot of Kids Discover magazines. I found about 35 of them sitting on top of a for Free table at a yard sale. Scooped them up, went home and did a quick completed sale search. Took one picture, listed them for $50/Best Offer and sold them for $50 that day. Since then I’m always on the look-out for Kids magazines for the Home School market. I pick almost all of them up for free from my local library and they most always sell right away.

  201. Jane Sara Says:

    When I first started selling on eBay, I just listed things not even knowing enough to do research on them. I had a set of 8 Oneida Stainless American Colonial teaspoons I had picked up at a garage sale for .50 just to have some extra spoons, at that price I couldn’t pass them up. But then I decided it would fun to list them on eBay, I thought maybe I would get $5 for them. They ended up selling for $89! Apparently what helped fetch that price was the “cube” in the which was visible in the photos. If you check out your own silverware, you will usually see manufacturer name stamped on the underside of the handle. If it is Oneida “cube” then you will see “Oneida” then a stamped cube shape, the word “Stainless”. Be sure to mention it in your title to help bring the best price.
    Thanks for a very interested subject Terry!

  202. Glen Robinson Says:

    A few years ago, when Jeff Gordon was winning so many Nascar races, I bought a modle of his car at a local auction for three dollars. None of the family wanted it so I listed it. I was really suprised when it sold for thirty five dollars plus shipping. Someone gave us a piece of Hull pottery. We didn’t like it, so after keeping it for a while I listed it and it brought ten dollars plus shipping. It may have been worth more, but to us, we were just cleaning out junk and would likely have tossed it out. It’s amazing what sells. One person’s trash is another’s treasure

  203. Melinda Tessicini Says:

    I found a Brownbag Cookie Mold at a thrift shop for $.99. about 3 years ago. To my surprise sold on ebay for $187.

  204. Laura Says:

    Most recently, I’ve sold used ENJO products for more than their retail value. Eg an enjo cleaning glove sells for about $50 brand new. I put two ‘old’ used ones together in a pack for one auction and sold for $90. People are funny creatures.

  205. kay bryand Says:

    I browse the 10 cents library sale shelf every week. I posted a 1960’s paperback copy of Catcher in the Rye for $.99. It sold for $31.00! I also found a 1st Ed of Linda Eastman’s photo book in like new condition. Cost 10 cents, mind you. That sold for nearly $30 as well.
    At the last half hour of a church rummage sale, I scoffed up a Juicer (forget the brand) in its original box. It was free. That sold for $45.00. Great fun!

  206. Bruce Rose Says:

    I have a back ground in clock repair, but make a living with watch repair. I replaced the mechanical movement of an antique drugs store clock with a quartz movement for a customer. Usually the customer keeps the mechanical movement when you finish the job, but the customer did not want the movement and I got it, along with the clocks key and hands.

    I listed the movement and thought I’d get maybe $25.00 for it at best. With in 15 minutes of listing I got an inquiry on the movement asking if I had the case also. Come to find out, the clock I did the repair on, was a highly collectable clock that sells for around $1000.00 or more. Well I knew a had something good then.

    It was a 7 day listing and the highest bid at the 30 minutes mark of closing was $50.00 and at that price I was very happy. Well, at the 5 minute mark of closing the real bidding started, and during that time period it went from $50.00 to the winning bid of $150.00.

    Needless to say, a $100.00 jump in price in 5 minutes is a fun thing to watch and receive! I grossed $150.00 in a movement that I got for free and on top of that I had alright made money on the initial repair. This just goes to show you that you really don’t know what you have until you list it on eBay.

  207. Cindy Says:

    I found an old Mooney aircraft altimeter (a fancy pressure gauge) at a church rummage sale. It was a dollar or maybe two and had been sitting there for at least 2 days; I don’t think anyone really knew what it was. The last time it had been inspected (based on the stickers mechanics put on it) was in the 80’s, so I was a little nervous to sell it on Ebay. I wrote all kind of disclaimers saying I didn’t know if it worked, needs to be inspected, etc, but it still sold handily for about $80 to a guy from Canada. I asked him what we was using it for and he was rebuilding his own aircraft. Checked it out and said it worked like a charm! Not that you will find a lot of altimeters lying around, but you should keep an eye out for unusual old stuff, especially if it looks like it was expensive at one time. Old metal toy guns also sell well, especially the higher quality ones.

  208. Connie Says:

    I’ve been selling rubber stamps for over a year. Most sales are under $5 or $10 dollars. Last week, I sold one for $35. I was amazed and delighted.
    Original price $4.95

  209. Bill Muzzey Says:

    Terry - When we were getting into eBay selling, we scoured the house and my wife came up with an old fountain pen that had been in her family for over 50 years. I don’t remember the name on it, but the unusual thing was that the clip on the barrel was in the shape of an airplane from that era. We listed it on eBay for $9.99 and got some bids and then it exploded and by the end of the auction, it went for over $300.00 and was won by a gentleman from Australia.

  210. Danni Ackerman aka Udderlygoodstuff Says:

    Got an old straw hat from the local thrift store… had a maker’s name so thought what the heck I’ll take a chance for $2, afterall if it’s a dud my mom will love wearing it to do yard work!
    Well turned out to be a Helen Kaminski raffia hat from Australia and it sold for $33 and change, upon further searching I see these hats sell quite high! Whodathunk?!

  211. Jeannette Says:

    I bought a nice lot of polly pockets about 500pcs at a garage sale for $10.00 expecting just to double my money when auction was over they sold for $103.00 WOW!! Haven’t seen any since then! that was May of this year 2008. That has been my Greatest selling on Ebay

  212. Cheryl Clements Says:

    I bought two box lots of vintage men’s colognes and after shaves at an auction for $10 a box and between the two boxes, I grossed $1000. They were old stock from the 60’s/70’s, new in the boxes. The two that did the best were an old Jade East Gift Set that brought $176 and Hai Karati After Shave which brought in $78.

  213. Sharon Leyland Says:

    I sold a white, leather Royal Daisy golf bag for $130. It was too heavy for me. I was surprised at the results.

  214. ToddlyOddly Says:

    one of my more fun woohoos was a taxidermy Armadillo that I bought for a couple dollars at a garage sale.
    The thing was so ugly and scary that I had to put it in the trunk while I continued with the garage sales.
    I did a little research on the dillo and found he was from some other country and scarce.
    Needless to say I was quite surprised when the bidding ended and he sold for just under 800.00!
    What surprised me even more is that a lady bought him and she was so excited about it.
    So, needless to say. I never pass up any stuffed critters I come across. :)

  215. Brad Says:

    Great idea, thanks Terry.
    I bought a racetrack grandstand model for a slot car track. Was new in the box for a dollar, sold for $120.00. Sorry I can’t remember the name. Slot cars from the 60’s do well. Cars only, track is worth virtually nothing. It’s worth buying the whole setup just to get the cars sometimes. Also some keychains are worth looking at. Sold a snowmobile keychain I picked up for a quarter for $12.00

  216. Terry B Says:

    My first sale on eBay was an old Grundig portable multi-band radio from my garage. It blew me away when it went for $179!!

  217. Gary Says:

    Graphing Calculators show up frequently in thrift stores and garage sales. Usually for $5 or less. I bought a Texas Instruments TI-89 for $3.95 from Goodwill and sold it for $55 on eBay. A graphing calculator is shaped like other calculators, but the display is much larger ( almost square). Texas Instruments and Hewlett Packard are the two big names to look for. TI-89, TI-92 and HP-49 are the best selling models, but there are others that sell quite well also.

  218. Lori Kimball Says:

    I deal primarily in paper items such as real photo postcards, antique photographs, historical items, etc. It is not unusual for a real photo postcard to sell upwards of $100. However, two of my most memorable sales were:

    Circa 1905 Angel’s Flight Incline Railway stereoview card - purchased for $1, sold for $265. (This was by far the best seller of the group -most listed individually - but the 23 cards for which I paid $23 netted over $500.)

    Gibson Guitar Sonomatic Strings vintage hangtag - purchased for pennies, sold for $129.

    Love reading these stories of unexpected sales! Looking forward to your new book, too, Terry!

  219. Wanda Says:

    How fun! It took a couple of days to read all the comments. In and out, not at the computer much, but I did it! Here are my additions. There have been bookoodles of surprises through the years, but these few come to mind.

    A friend and I conducted an estate sale and the family had already thrown out a ton of stuff before we made them stop. Who knows what was lost? But in an end table drawer - the contents of which were surely destined for a garbage bag - were six “good for” tokens. Google-loos, clackers, whatever they were called in your region. I put them in a plastic bag and priced them all for a dollar. There were no takers. Mid day, everything was marked half price. Still no takers, so I bought them myself. Surely, I could get $10 on eBay for them. This was back in the day when it was free to use a reserve, so I did. Reserve $10.00. Somehow, the man who wrote a book on Alabama tokens found out about the auction and wanted to bid, but wasn’t on the internet. Would I bid for him? I know that might be considered unethical, but I created an ID for him and did as he instructed. He was continually getting outbid. I kept telling him to go higher, to put in the highest price he was willing to go, but he wouldn’t listen. He lost the tokens for $399.00, and complained because he was willing to go as high as $450.00! Turns out they were extremely rare.

    Another time I’d bought some salt and pepper shakers at a yard sale. Probably 50¢ each. One pair was the Golden Flake Potato Chip clown. I couldn’t find any like them to know if they’d sell or not and hung onto them, eventually breaking the head off one. One free listing day, I figured I try them to see if I could get a few bucks for them. Seems I had another rare item. Over $200 with two women in a bidding war.

    I was at a thrift store as they opened one Monday morning, but a lot of people (dealers) were in front of me and ran in and grabbed all the good stuff. I came behind and picked up two, tall, Franciscan Starburst mugs for 50¢ each. They sold for $89+. I haven’t looked to see what they bring today.

    Last year, after all the book dealers had come and gone at an estate sale, I spotted a hardback Atlas Shrugged. I skeptically pulled it off the shelf, expecting it to be a book club or a million-th edition or something, but it appeared to be a first edition. Still skeptical, I paid my dollar and was on my way. My heart beating a little faster and a little irregularly. No way was it a true first. Is it? Nah. The dealers would surely have found it. I’m just missing something. Turned out to be a first and sold for around $300.00 if I remember right.

    There are so many more like the Boy Scout patches I found in the trash a couple of years ago that brought me $1000.00, numerous books, things other people think are butt ugly and things that were surprises, just not the bigger dollars.

    Wonderful things are hiding out there just waiting for us to recognize them for what they are or obey that gut feeling. And the more we research and read things like your blog and newsletter, the better prepared we’ll be to spot them.

    Thanks for keeping us inspired!


  220. Gail Anderson Says:

    One of my first five free eBay listings was a “Lot of 9 Beehive Corn Syrup photos of Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Players from 1964-1967′. I had saved the collars from Beehive corn syrup when I was a teenager and ordered them free. I got $136.00 for them and may have gotten more if I had listed them individually. I sold two others later at $25.00 each.

    My other surprise item in that first listing was a pair of my personal cowboy boots that were black with gorgeous embroidered red & pink roses with green leaves. I had worn them many times and paid less than $100.00 for them when new. I decided to downsize my wardrobe of cowboy boots and would have been happy with the $39.99 in my auction listing but a bidding war ensued and they sold for $251.00 and were shipped to Australia. The buyer loved them and said that she hadn’t taken them off since she received them - I am a little worried about her wearing them to bed every night!

    There is no doubt that I was excited about my first attempt to sell on eBay as 4 out 5 items sold and I grossed over $500.00! I’ve now opened my own eBay store and have 150 items listed. My goal is to have 500 items listed by the end of November and I am sure looking forward to listing many of the 800+ Christmas ornaments that I have collected since 1973.

    Terry you’ve hit on one absolutely outstanding idea here! I have very much enjoyed reading everyone else’s surprising eBay sales. It is amazing to see how thinking ‘outside the box’ can be so profitable! I will most definitely look forward to reading more replies and to your new book!

  221. jennifer fulwiler Says:

    for a while i was selling creative memories scrapbook items(expensive) old stock by the singles & lots and i would maybe make 50% of retail . then last year i decided to break open packages and put a few pieces into a bigger lot, now that will make retail cost and many times they will pay more than it is worth..

  222. Sarah Jones Says:

    Autographed pictures of dead guys (or presumed dead). We sold a 4 x 6 autographed photo of Steve Fossett and his Global Flyer for $410!

    Also, we’ve had some good luck with un-used front strike matches. We sold 5 books together in a lot for $82. They had graphics from Pepsi and 7-Up on them.

  223. Ryan Says:

    Puchased a board game at the local thrift shop (Stock Market Game by Whitman) for $1, turned around and got $40 for it.

    Really please with the results, although finding a good box to ship something long a flat was miserable. :-) But overall, well worth the effort.

    Terry says: A good place for FREE long flat boxes are dumpsters outside wedding gown stores.

  224. Mark Tillema Says:

    I found a red rock in river rock, the kind that you have as decoration under your bushes in your yard, and figured what the heck, I’ll put it on ebay, more as a joke than anything else. Who would buy a rock? Well I put it on ebay for 99 cents and actually got a bid from some professor at a college in South Carolina. Not sure what she taught, but she won it and gave me positive feedback. Proof that absolutely anything will sell on ebay, even a regular old rock. (I know, it was probably some special rock that was worth 1000 times what I sold it for, oh well)

  225. Teddy Cronin Says:

    Telex 1 2 1 Cassette Tape Copier - $40

    Hermes Pochette small Pocket Scarf - $140 to someone in italy

    Bugaboo Designer Stroller - $375 to someone in Canada

    Turnbull and Asser Cufflinks - $100

    Slugger Cutter Drill Bit - $100

    When I was in High School I made over $300 in auctions where I would basically sell an unused piece of tolit paper with a free bonus of a movie that was still in theater, I downloaded the movies from imesh and charged $20 a piece, before eBay let me know that it wasnt so cool.


  226. Teri V Says:

    Hi Terry,

    This is a great thread!

    I went yard saling while visiting out of town relatives. At my last stop, they had a box of free items. Down at the bottom was a little bisque doll that was old and in extremely poor condition. She was missing half a leg, her hair was half gone and the remaining hair was matted and filthy. I started the auction at $4.97. She ended up selling for $76.10.

    Also at the same sale, I purchased 2 dinner plates, 2 cups and 2 saucers. I don’t remember the maker, but all of them together cost me 65 cents.

    I split them into 3 auctions, the total of which ended up being $355. I LOVE selling on eBay!

  227. Sue Says:

    I found Buck the Singing Deer at a garage sale and bought him for $10. Thought it would be a funny present for my 10 year old grandson — until I saw what Buck goes for on eBay! Buck got hundreds of hits and more questions than anything I can remember. Sold him for about $150 but could have doubled that or more if I could have shipped him to Europe. Even disassembled, he was about 2″ over the shipping dimensions overseas. You can watch Buck sing on You Tube.

  228. Wm. Cross Says:

    I sold a rock on Ebay for 10 bucks.
    Just a dumb old rock that I found in a parking lot.
    A few days after I shipped it I received an email from the buyer. I thought for sure he was going to clobber me w/ a negative feedback.
    To my surprise, he wanted to purchase more of the rocks.
    Go figure!!!

  229. Judy Fredel Says:

    Old RailRoad books. There are alot of railroad buffs and train books in good condition have brought me around $30.00 give or take.

  230. Arbitrage Don Says:

    A fairly old (incomplete) set of school issue flash cards. Not the store bought kind but these had the school district insignia on the box. Got them from a neighbors garage sale. Sold for over $110. It was almost embarrasing.

  231. Susan Land Says:

    About 6 years ago, when I hadn’t been selling very long on ebay, we stopped at a garage sale where this guy was selling books. Mostly cheesy paperbacks.
    We selected a few at fifty cents apiece. My husband found an old leather bound book, Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary, published in London in 1789. Inside the front cover it said “Volume One”. My husband showed the guy and since Volume 2 was apparently missing, he GAVE it to us. .
    Weeks later, my husband was looking through it and it had Volume Two bound in the second half of the book.
    We listed it on ebay, hey , what did we have to lose?
    It sold for almost $500, to a lawyer who wanted it for a Christmas gift.
    And later, after searching the internet, we found this item goes for over $1,000.
    We had no idea, but since reading your emails, Terry, we have learned so much and don’t pass up anything!
    And now I regularly buy books at yard sales cheap and sell them either on ebay or Amazon for good money.

  232. mrslinda harms Says:

    I purchased a mermaid in which she held a Capricorn gemstone and started bidding quite low. It got bid up to $23.00 because 2 women were bidding on it.

  233. Victoria Says:

    I bought some little gift tags at the local resale shop for 50 cents. They were in a baggy hidden in the bottom of a basket I happen to be rumaging through. There were some older tags, little ones with dogs and cats on them. I sold the baggy for $22.00, there were about 70 little tags. I kinda giggled to myself about it.

  234. Dawn McCarthy Says:

    I’ve had several items surprise me but the most recent one I had was my best ever.

    A family friend sometimes runs estate sales and she had one that was overwhelming and offered me a morning to browse through and see what I wanted to purchase - no lines, no other customers (a Saler’s dream).

    I filled up a few boxes full of items (the house was packed). There was one item that she had set up by where the cash register was going to be. (The pricey stuff that she wanted to keep an eye on).

    It was a music box in the shape of a grand piano. I kept picking it up and looking at it and putting it back down because she had it marked at $22 which is way more than I usually spend on one item at any sale unless I know for sure it will sell or know something about it.

    I know nothing about music boxes but I kept going back to the piano and finally I let the little voices inside my head telling me to “Just Get It” guide me. So I added it to my piles and wrote my friend a check and went home thinking and reasoning if it didn’t sell, it would be a great Christmas gift for my inlaws.

    I did some research and found a few items similar to the piano I picked up but not exactly the same. Retail brand new they were selling from a site for over $1,000, some as high at $3,500 - but not close enough to mine for me to be sure of the value.

    More research and I learned that it was a 72 note Reuge music box (made in Switzerland) and the body (inlay wood with musical instrument design) was hand made in Italy. It was gorgeous and in spectacular condition as well. It was about 15 inches long and 7 inches wide; had a keyboard cover that was hinged and moved and the lid of the piano lifted and could be held up with a moveable pole. The inside was red cordoroy type material and the music box had a removeable glass cover. I could not figure out how old it was but from the Estate, I thought it was about 20 years old…maybe.

    Finally, I listed it and started it at $24.99 - hoping it would go for about $100 or maybe a little more. I described every detail and inserted a ton of pictures.

    Within 8 hours of listing it, it had bids up to $124 and I was thrilled. I told myself it would stay there and not go much higher and not to get too excited. Through the week, my family and my co-workers (including my boss) were watching it and commenting on it every day.

    It rose steadily through the week creeping up in small increments and with 1 hour to go it was at $464 and I figured that was it.

    It ended at $565. I about dropped out of my chair when I saw the ending price. I ate the shipping costs and had one happy customer who collects these specific music boxes.

    I will continue to listen to the voices in my head who speak to me now and then at great sales. I’ve learned not to ignore them anymore! I love the profits they give me when I listen!!

  235. Heather Brown aks dgbcollectibles Says:

    My best sale yet was a green telephone insulator Hemingray 14. I sold it for $1800.00. Next best was a movie poster (lobby card) from the 1940 for more than $1000.00. Third best was a Royal Doulton Winston Churchill dog with a cigar for more than $800.00. Amazing how you can make money doing this.

    Terry says: a note of warning here. There are thousands of different telegraph and telephone insulators. The glass things that were used from the 1880s thru the 1930s on poles for wires. The majority of them are worth less than the cost to ship them. Some are expensive. Unless you know exactly what you’re looking at, never pay more than $2.00 for an insulator unless it has ears and then you can pay $5.00. Broken ones are worth nothing unless they are extremely rare one. Research them first on eBay.

  236. lee Says:

    Our crazy friend saved a breadstick from an Italian restaurant that she thought looked like dog heads. I listed it and it sold for $9.95.

  237. Pam Says:

    My most wsurprising sale was a set of motorcycle tailpipes I got for $10 at the end of a yardsale.

    The same pipes had been selling on ebay for an average of $100, so I started them at $99 (a price I would be happy with if they went for opening bid) which is all I hoped for, since they had scuffs on them that my husband said was “boot wear” from being used.

    They ended at $227 plus s/h and shipped to a very nice man in PA.

  238. ShelbyC Says:

    One of the biggest things that surprised me was a Paper Mache Halloween JackoLantern - I think it went for $60-70.

    A couple more things

    8 Track tape lot - went to Korea they paid more in shipping than they did for the 8 tracks.

    Vintage Record Lots - Went for $600 or so, DJ’s need them for their collections.

    Vintage Skiis - $150

    That’s pretty much all I can remember right now.

  239. ShelbyC Says:

    Couple other things

    Transformers - About $120 in a lot bad condition

    John Deere Tractor Models - Go for upwards of $40 some way more.

  240. Sue Says:

    My first amazing sale was a red dial telephone. It was in this house when we moved in 31 years ago and had been dropped, chipped and had lots of wear. I decided to list it because it’s hard to call anyone now without pressing buttons. I wrote out all the defects and took pictures and hoped for $25. Within an hour a guy wanted to buy it now for $150. I was thrilled and ran to tell my husband. While we were laughing, all the lights and internet went down over a 1 mile area because of an outage. No electricity for 2 days and I couldn’t contact the buyer to tell him Yes! I was so upset. Well, the lights finally got fixed and by then, the bidding was well over $360! Two lessons: don’t stop auctions early when you’re asked too soon AND look for Western Electric dial telephones in colored Bakelite with the numbers INSIDE the dial, not on the outside. Also, the old ones will have a 300 number on the bottom.

  241. Jack Williams Says:

    I purchased an old Sessions Wall Clock an an estate sale for $ 2.00,
    listed it on ebay starting at .99 cents, It sold for $ 247.00.

    Found a Vase at a garage sale for $10.00, it sold for over $600.00 on ebay.

  242. Jack W. Says:

    Found an old pair of western boots in the attic, listed them for $4.99 starting bid and sold them for $245.00

  243. Jack W. Says:

    Sessions Wall clock bought for $2.00 sold for $247.00

    Western Cowboy boots found in attic sold for $245.00

  244. Lee Says:

    Sold a 35mm medical camera to a lady in Italy for $400
    that was free.

  245. Mazon Says:

    Several years ago I bought a collectors book at a local auction for $10 titled “The Big Book Of Buttons” sold on eBay for over $300. Last year bought an old railroad china cereal bowl at a local auction for $4.00 sold for just over $400.

  246. Adam Says:

    Found some old Olympia beer mini stuffed animal plaques made of plastic. They looked like they were made out of 10 cents worth of plastic.

    They were vintage early 70’s wall plaques about 10″ x 12″. We had 6 of them, each with a different animal on the plaque.

    They sold for $123 a piece, AVERAGE!!!!

    we used that for spending money on a cruise!


  247. Bob W. Says:

    Several years ago before I got involved with eBay, I neighbor came over looking for things to stock her garage sale she was running for a local charity. I gave her an old MixMaster food mixer that had been in our attic for decades. I don’t even know if it worked. She sold the mixer for $2. Some years after that, I happened upon the operator’s manual for that old mixer. I posted a 10 cent listing on ebay thinking that someone might need it. It sold for over $20. I have been surprised many times by what people will buy, but that was a big learning experience, even though it wasn’t my largest sale.

  248. kara Says:

    My husband & I have gotten some super deals on things listed in the wrong categories. He collects Gilbert erector sets and I collect HALL teapots.

    Look for miss-spelled words, too!

  249. Don D. Says:

    The biggest surprise was my very first auction. I had an old coin mechanism from a 1970’s Coke machine. I thought I would get maybe $5-10 for it since it’s not really an antique. Imagine how surprised I was to have three bidders and sold it for over $30!! And I really knew nothing about ebay or how to sell. Got great feedback as well.

  250. Monty Says:

    I have sold quite a few used books on ebay, and was excited when I picked up a 1st edition of “First Blood”, the 1972 book that became the Rambo movie. I did all the work to get it ready to list, and then found out it was a Book Club Edition. A Bookseller “guru” on eBay told me it was only worth using it to start a campfire. I went ahead anyway and it sold for 15.00, so you never know.

  251. Dennis Says:

    I bought an empty motor oil can in the 1980s for about $3.00 in the Canadian prairie province of Saskatchewan. The oil company is a now defunct Canadian company called White Rose. I listed it on eBay last winter for $5.00 and buyers bid it up exponentially, until it sold for $121.00. Amazing.

  252. Maria Says:

    Did a listing for 6 Book Club Edition Books. Didn’t think they would sell, but listed them at 99 cents anyway. They sold for $57.00 - still can’t figure out why.

  253. Gooch Says:

    I found a group of 5 old looking straight knives that I thought were souvenir class at a yard sale. They wanted $75 for the lot, I bought all for $50. Two in particular had my curious up. Turns out one was a WWII US made Cattaraugus 225Q Combat Fighting Knife with Leather Sheath, that in it’s condition, I’ve seen sell over and over on ebay for $75 to $120. I still have it.
    The other turned out to be an old like 100 years or more Russian Kindjal Dagger with sheath. After some research I listed it on ebay on a 7 day auction starting at $100 and it brought $380. Blew my mind. Now why can’t I do this all the time? Was that just luck? I still have the other knives.

  254. Cindy Says:

    I sold an old Kenner Girder & Panel Bridge set for $38.00 last year! The box was tattered & torn and many of the pieces had been broken and the directions were yellowed. The set was in the attic in storage for over 20+ years! However, this didn’t stop several people from bidding on it. I think I started it at $4.99. Also, I sold a JOTTO desk for $250.00! WOW. . .

  255. jeff Says:

    Around 3 years ago I ran up on this old Rail Road Butter Pat at a junk auction I used to go to! At the time I had no idea what it was I just knew it was old and a Rail Road piece and it was in perfect condition. I gave a whole $2.00 for it and listed it on eBay. In less than a hour I start getting emails making me offers and asking me to end the auction. I let it run it’s course and the auction ended at $1200.00. I’ve been hooked on eBay ever since! Come to find out the butter pat dated back around 1865 and was purchased by a big RR collecter that had the matching 9 inch dinner plate! It was the pattern on the piece that made it so in demand!

  256. Patti Says:

    Several years ago, i sold a Fade to Black Metallic album, it was lime green, and had only one song on each side.
    Sold it to someone in Spain for over $300.

  257. sandy hack Says:

    I found a beautiful old cardboard lingerie box among some items that a family was throwing away after the death of their mother. I liked the picture on the box so they told me to take it. There were three pair of brand new panties inside that had probably been a gift that was never worn. I checked on EBay and saw a similar pair that went for over 100 dollars. I listed the three pair and made a little over 400.00. This was the first time I had ever listed anything!

  258. Marc A Says:

    Picked up a Henry dog 18″ plush stuffed toy by Animal Fair several years back in the free box on the front steps at a local thrift store. Listed for .99 cents, sold for $232.50. Ahh, the good old days!

  259. Sarah Says:

    Couple of years ago, I bought a 1984 Harley Davidson Christmas collector plate at a liquidation sale at an antique store. Paid 5 bucks. Went home and did some research, found that it was the first issue in a series and mine was plate #24 of I think 3000 made. Started the auction at $49.99. Darn thing sold for $405. Best sale I’ve ever had.

  260. Stuart Turnbull Says:

    Hi Terry
    Stuart here in the UK. A few years back I found an old, illustrated book on foxhunting at a flea sale. I paid $20. Removed the plates (illustrations) mounted them ($1 each) and they sold on eBay for between $40 and $80 each (the book contained 16 plates!)
    Check out my blog at for this and other great money making ideas.

  261. Jim Casher Says:


    I very much enjoy your newsletters! I have had many auctions that have scared me because the item seemed to go for an outrageous amount and I was afraid the buyer had made a mistake and would leave negative feedback for me.

    At a yard sale I found a box of toys which I thought were made of wood. They were animals, people, and some nativity set pieces similar to what my Mom brought home from Germany when my Dad was stationed there after WWII and she lived there with him. The animals were things like lions, zebras, polar bears, etc. There was a victorian gentleman with a top hat, frock coat and cane and a milkmaid with blonde pigtails carrying two pails of milk. With no markings on the items, I had no way to research them. Every time I packed up items to take to a Toy Show to sell, I would pull down the box, look at it and decide I had no idea what to price the items at and put it back on the shelf. The box was priced at the yard sale at 2 dollars and I offered a dollar and the seller agreed, so I did not have a big investment in the toys. Finally, several years later, I saw a display case at an antique mall - the case was full of these types of animals and the dealer had provided a nice description of how the toys were made (in Germany). They were called composition animals and they were made by taking sawdust and glue and putting them in a mold (legs might have wire inside to give them strength). The animals were then hand-painted. Armed with this knowledge I looked them up on Ebay and saw that the animals went for $20 apiece or more. Needless to say, I took photos and listed them right away. The animals all went for a good price, some fetching $40 or more, some with condition issues only reaching the $10 - $20 range. It was the two people though, the victorian gentleman and the milk maid which ignited bidding wars. The first day the victorian gentleman reached $75 and just kept going up. By the end of the 10 day auction, the gentleman was at $325 and the milkmaid went for $185. I received an email after the auction from a German gentleman who had won one of the animals. He thanked me and said he hoped I wasn’t disappointed with the auction results. (I had made close to a thousand dollars on a $1 purchase, so I was not dissappointed at all!) I asked him why I should be disappointed and he explained that many Germans collect those types of toys from their youth and the people were extremely rare. He speculated that in the right auction in Germany the Victorian Gentleman could have sold for over $700! I don’t know if that is true or not since many people who were bidding on my auctions were from Germany, but back then not everyone was familiar with Ebay, so there may have been more bidders willing to pay high prices at a conventional auction.

    Anyway, as I said in the beggining, I have had many similiar experiences on Ebay and have considered quiting my job and selling on Ebay full time, but I make a pretty decent living and I don’t like the idea of being at the whim of Ebay (rule changes) or the economy (with gas at $4 will people still pay outrageous prices for my junk?). Plus, I could never replace my medical benefits selling on Ebay.

    Please keep up the good work. Your newsletters always get my blood running and inspire me to get out there and look for the next treasure.

    God bless you!

  262. Judy Says:

    I walked into a garage sale in the middle of the afternoon as it was closing and was sure there was nothing left at that time of day, but spied a cardboard box under a table that was kind of pushed back out of sight. I pulled it forward and found it full of old comic books. I asked the lady where she had gotten them and she said she was just cleaning out her son’s room now that he had gone off to college, so I asked if she had any more and she did…….lots more. She brought out another box just as full, some in plastic sleeves and all in excellent condition. I said I would give her $15 for all of them. She said sold. There were about 200 in all and all kinds of Superman, Batman, X-Men, etc. I slowly sold them over a period of 3 years and got well over $800 for them. I no longer worry what time I get to a garage sale.

  263. Victoria*Claire Says:

    Hi Terry, I’m looking forward to seeing your book when its finished, it’s a terrific idea.

    So many sellers forget to look around their own homes to see what they have that could bring a few bucks, though it’s really the best way for many sellers to start: i.e., with free inventory. I’ve always been a fan of the Laundry Basket Method … go through the cabinets, closets, garage, etc., and fill a laundry basket with stuff you no longer want, need, or use.

    I’ve sold used clothing out of my own closet for unexpectedly high prices, including a couple of cotton knit Michael Leu sundresses for close to $100.00 each, which is more than double what I paid for them in the late 90s. I’ve sold Legos by the pound (literally … mixed Lego pieces that aren’t designed to turn into anything specific), and I’ve sold individual Lego characters for almost as much as the sets from which they came. The characters from “Little People” toy sets also sell well, especially in groups.

    I love thrift stores and yard sales, and always make time to visit them when I’m traveling (which allows me to write off all or part of many vacations). I live in Bakersfield, which is just a few degrees cooler than Phoenix, so there aren’t a lot of sales at this time of year and it’s really too damn miserable to go outdoors much right now. I run my two businesses (eBay, plus a teacher resource website/listserv/line of books I’ve written) out of a house less than a mile from the one I live in, but today I’m working at home because it’s 112 degrees outside and I can’t think of any reason to air condition two houses in this kind of weather.

    Here are a few of my best recent sales:

    1. While cleaning out my mom’s house after she died, I found one of my dad’s ashtrays that I remembered him using in the 1960s. Very dirty from sitting around for years, but it looked like chrome and was sort of an art deco style. I decided to bring it home instead of sending it off with the estate sale guy.

    After a quick wash, I saw that it was signed “Russel Wright,” who I had never heard of, since I’m not a big fan of Mid Century Modern decor. I searched high and low and couldn’t find one anything like it on eBay, PriceMiner, the antiques sites, etc., though I did determine that it must have come from his popular spun aluminum line from the 50s/60s.

    I listed it on eBay for $9.99 and was surprised to get bids almost immediately: collectors usually hold back until right before the auction ends. I was driving home from a weekend trip when the auction closed, and was in an area where my cell phone couldn’t get an Internet connection, so I had to call home and ask my son for the closing price … $255.00!

    The auction is still online, if anyone would like to see the pics before eBay removes them:

    Needless to say, I’ve been searching for another one like it, but it appears that it truly was a rare item.

    2. I bought a bundle of red-handled silverware at Goodwill a few months ago, in a hard-to-see-into ziplock bag that was rolled and then sealed with several layers of packing tape. The manager wouldn’t open the bag — and I couldn’t get my thumbs or keys through all the tape — so I took a chance on it and paid around three or four dollars.

    It turned out to be Bakelite, which is what I was hoping. There were 19 or 20 pieces, and I broke them into several auctions: 5 forks, 5 knives, 2 sets of 3 teaspoons, one or two miscellaneous pieces, and a couple of serving spoons (tablespoon size). I had to relist one of the items (the knives, I think), but at the end of two weeks it had all sold and the profit was somewhere around $125.00.

    3. Just about everyone has some old Pyrex mixing bowls and storage containers in their kitchen, as well as similar items made by Corning Ware, Corelle, Fire King, etc. I’ve sold some pieces that belonged to my mother and/or grandmother this year, including a set of stacking refrigerator dishes (the small square and rectangular ones with glass lids) that sold for over $60.

    4. While researching collectible Pyrex patterns, I read that the small white Corning Ware bowls with the single tab-style handle (called Grab Its) are very hot on eBay these days, as are the small rectangular Corning Ware dishes called Sidekicks. A few days later, I purchased six Sidekicks at a yard sale for 50 cents each, and I sold them last week as a Buy It Now for $24.95, 3 days after listing them.

    5. While up in the Bay Area to clean out my mom’s house, I spent the late afternoons and evenings going to thrift stores and I got some terrific buys. At one store, I purchased a partial set of Villeroy & Boch dinnerware in the “Bon Appetit” pattern, which is a pattern with a funky fruit tree in the center and 3 orange bands near the rim, discontinued in the 1980s. The only thing I knew about these dishes was that Villeroy & Boch is sold in pricey stores, so I figured there might be an upscale buyer for a set of dishes that had been marked down 3 times at a thrift store and still wouldn’t sell.

    I paid $3.96 for 15 pieces: 5 dinner plates, 5 salad plates, and 5 cereal/soup bowls, and I listed each piece separately, with a starting bid of $9.99. I received no bids at all during the first week, so I relisted them for a second week (after 2 weeks, I move unsold items into my eBay store). All 15 pieces sold the second week, for a total of $209.85 — 6 pieces were purchased by a lady in Califorina, who was replacing pieces she had broken over the years, and the other 9 pieces were purchased by a lovely woman in England as a Mother’s Day gift for her mum.

    If anyone would like to see the pattern, here’s a link to one of the closed auctions:

    These auctions closed on April 30, so eBay will be removing them soon.

    Once again, Terry, thanks for all you do, and good luck with the book!


  264. Beth L Says:

    I bought an Underwood typewriter at a yard sale on the back side of nowhere in OK for .25 cents I had no idea what it was worth. Turned out to be one of the first portable typewriters Underwood made in the 30’s I listed it for 9.99 and it didnt sell so I moved it to a store listing and made a typo of 99.99 and it sold within the day to a guy who bought it for his aspiring writer girlfriend~and they all lived happily ever after :-)

  265. Ray Jones Says:

    I go to most auctions in the area and have bought very cheap and sold very dear. One that comes to mind was a pair of Walkie Talkies I found in an old barn and bought for $3. Listed it and at the end, the bidding war started. The winner was in CA., and he paid well over $100. Said he never had paid that much but had to have them for his private museum. After I shipped them his feedback raved about the speed of the shipping (it took 2 days from Arkansas to CA) and how well I packed them. He told me that they were almost the first ones available to the public after WW2. That they were made mostly of odds and ends of parts off the shelf as parts were scarce then. He took them to a Amateur Radio show and they were the hit of the show. Glad I could hook him up with them.

  266. Tiffany Says:

    A Serta Sheep #1/2 with braces new with tags, I picked him up at the goodwill for $0.50 and I started the bidding at 9.99 and it ended at $61.00 I was so surprised.

    Also Gund Always does good for me, I had a Gund Bear used I bought at the goodwill for 0.50, had it listed in my store for 30 days at 49.99 no bites, so I sent it to auction for 0.99 hoping I could just make my money back, it ended at 105.00

  267. dick Says:

    I purchased a box of about 1000 buttons(pinbacks) from a an old hippy in San Francisco…he charged me $25 for the box…most of them were old hippy slogans and these realized at least $1 each…then there were some old political buttons like “I like Ike” etc…most of those averaged $5 each…one button had a picture of Donald Duck and said “Jams and Jellies”… this 1 button alone sold for $275 and sold to an original Star Trek cast member (Chekhov)…my total take was around $1500 on a $25 investment!!!

  268. Mark Says:

    I had an old Pioneer 60″ rear Projection TV. I had repaired it trwice to the tune of over $700 and it needed repair again. I decided I was going to throw it away rather than pay to have this lemon fixed a third time. Problem is, it was too big for the garbage men to take. I didn’t have any way to get it to the local dump either. I listed it on eBay for $.99, fully disclosing all of it’s problems, and made it for Pick up only. Sure enough this baby sold for over $170. The winning bidder even drove over three hours to pick it up!

  269. Shelle Says:

    Hi Terry,
    I always look forward to your newsletter and advice.
    The first auction I ran on eBay, many years ago, was for a Fenton glass bunny figurine. I had paid $7 for a “box lot” of misc. items at a local auction and there were 3 bunnies and many other items inside.
    I didn’t know anything about Fenton glass at the time so had no idea what they would bring.
    I put just one bunny up as a test since I really didn’t know what I was doing.( Also, as an aside, it took me 7 hours! to get the listing up - this was in early eBay days) I started the auction at $2.
    By the end of the 7 days, the bunny sold for $28. I was thrilled with the price and amazed that the whole process even worked.
    Since I had 2 more bunnies, I offered my buyer right of first refusal on another bunny as they were all different. She asked me my “reserve price”. I was so excited that I hadn’t even thought about it and replied I would be happy with $8. She emailed back asking if I would accept $16 - twice what I asked for! That was a hard decision on my part LOL.
    So, my first auction yielded $44 on a $7 investment and I still had lots of items left in the box.
    eBay has changed the rules of the game many times over the years, but it is still such fun.

  270. Lin A Says:

    I bought a cute folk art carved wooden penguin for $39 and sold it on ebay for over $1100. It turned out to have been an original, created by famous decoy maker, Charles Hart.

    I also sold a Hubley penguin candle or pencil holder, really beat up, that came in a lot of penguin miscellania (if there is such a word!) for which I paid about $5. It sold for $156. If I hadn’t seen another one on ebay, I probably would have thrown it out.

  271. Betty Says:

    A fellow real estate agent asked if I wanted the “junk” left in a condo. Dishes, nick nacks, linens etc.
    Made at least $2000.00 selling it all. There was an 8 inch high vase. An ugly thing that was a dull orange and brown. Some of the “Brown” paint had dripped down the side at the top. It was also a little out of kilter shape wise, and obviously it was home made. On the bottom it said “Italy” and another word that I can’t remember. Listed it at $9.99.
    I was very busy and mid-week my sister called to ask if I saw what the vase was up to? I checked… $65.00. I was shocked to say the least. Sold that bugger for $210.00 and to this day I still don’t know why. Someone knew something I didn’t! I still wonder what they got for it??????

  272. Michelle Shemenske Says:

    Everyone listing their trash-picked big sales reminds me of a great story. A few years back a friend and I did the Cincinnati to Frankfort Kentucky portion of the World’s Longest Yard Sale. In Frankfort we stopped at a bookstore where they will give you cash or store credit for your books. Outside the store in an otherwise empty plastic trash can were 20 mechanical engineering textbooks from the mid-1960s. I guess the store refused them. I sold all 20 over the course of several months for prices between $8 and $49. One man’s trash…

  273. Robin Says:

    I bought a Howard Pierce vase at a yard sale for .50 cents. It had a deer in the cebter of it. It sold for $72.00. I also sold some items for other people. One was a straw holder, the kind that use to sit on a counter at a restaurant. The owner purchased it for $25.00 and it sold for $350.00. I even had someone call me mid auction asking if I would stop the auction and let him purchase it for $150.00. I told him I couldn’t do that but he ended up with it anyways.

  274. Jill Says:

    Great idea Terry!!! It has been a lot of fun reading all the posts. It makes me want to run out and hit a few of my favorite thrift stores and garage sales. I started selling on ebay as a way to get rid of a couple of generations of family things that were left to us. Some of the things I look at now and wonder, and why did I keep this? I also think back about all the things I got rid of. Ouch!!! I had about 5 Thorens wooden music boxes. Most of the music boxes didn’t work, but all the wood carvings were in excellent condition so I listed them anyway. Most of them sold for an average of $15 to $20, but the surprise came from the one I almost gave to the thrift store myself. It’s cute danish wooden figures had been broken, but this one the music box played perfect, paint excellent. This box had Steinbach marked on it. It sold to a foreign buyer for $150 and requested that I not clean or try to repair any of it before shipping. The buyer was extremely happy with his purchase. I too had gotten request from buyers to end auctions early for a buy it now price (which I would never do anyway.) I since also have discovered that if I get request for such on any items, it is a good indication that the item will sell well. This has occurred on numerous auctions. The other interesting sale was for a Fenton perfume bottle that I picked up at a yard sell for $1. The stopper was missing and it was very dirty, but for a buck thought I would take the chance. It turned out to be absolutly beautiful and an unusual hard to find color. It sold for $75.00. It is those sales that keeps us out there hunting for the treasures to find. One other thing I remember I was going to also just give to the thrift store was a pair of Heath Pottery ashtrays. Don’t look like much, but actually sold for about $25.00. I now check everything before getting rid of it, you just never know. Thanks again for all the good info.

  275. Heather Says:

    Back in 1999, I bought two bars of soap at Goodwill for 5 cents each. They were the littel soaps that hotels gave out in the 60’s. They both had the old Howard Johnson’s “lamplighter” logo on them. One Hojo advertising collector guy bought both bars for $50 each!! I made $100 for my 10 cent cost!

  276. Jean DeCastro Says:

    One item that stands out in my mind is a dress I purchased at a thrift store for $5.00 sold on eBay for $55.00. A great $50.. dollar profit. Another time I listed a bathroom rug set for about $15.00 and it didn’t sell. So I listed it for $20.00 and it sold for $27.00. Sometimes the price makes a difference. I have no clue.

    Thank you Terry, reading all the great stories about what others can do on eBay is great. I have really enjoyed this blog.

  277. Judith Matthew Says:

    I had a fun surprise this spring with a paperback book I got at a thrift store for $.50–It was a book of science experiments you can do with stuff you have at home with your kids. When I researched it on, there were very few copies of it available, especially in new condition as this one was. I listed it on Half and it sold in about 2 weeks for $35.00! I suppose either a homeschooler bought it, or a parent wanting to have some summer activity ideas for their kids.

  278. Jeff Sweden Says:

    Weirdest sale of an item I bought walking out of a huge Flea Market on a table filled with stuff: My eye caught a nice pair of cuff-links with the Swedish 3 Crowns, made by well known Sporrong Company, and, as always, I asked the price, and was surprised to hear 5 bucks! So, I invested my last 5 dollars of the day, and went home to put these up for auction. They came in the original presentation case, so that helped my sale. But when they sold for 95 US Dollars I was quite surprised and HAPPY! Since then, I have seen these same Swedish Sporrong cuff-links sell for 12 USD to 40 USD. So, the original price of 5 USD was worth it, even if they sold for 12 USD!

  279. jennifer fulwiler Says:

    i have sold many packs of creative memories(scrapbooking items) stickers, paper, die cutseven scrapbooks all there products are pretty pricey but i usually only got about a 1/4th of their retail until i broke up the packs and started selling a few of each pieces into small lots and selling but doubling sometimes tripling my money, Most of the lots i make over retail price for/

  280. Nathan Popham Says:

    I found a box of old computer games that was about to be thrown out. (In this case, old was King’s Quest era, or 80s and 90s, back when they had 5.25″ disks, 3.5″ disks, or both.) I put a couple up on eBay, and one sold for $91! The average I’ve been getting is about $30 per game, and I’m not even through the box yet.

  281. Jack Says:

    I sold over $18,000 worth of AOL floppy’s and disc on eBay, the original floppy’s go from $20 to $50, the 1.0 from $9 to $20, I sold one that was a 9.0 in a wooden case for $122. I have also sold promo credit cards, the ones you get in the mail. What next?????

  282. Ann Says:

    I’ve sold pharmaceutical sales rep items, known as “drug rep pens” for upwards of $20. These are the kinds of pens you pick up at the doctor’s office to fill out all those forms with the drug’s name on them. Drug reps (salesmen) give these free to the doctor’s office to get them to prescribe their medication over the competition’s.

    Looking forward to reading the book. Thanks.

  283. Gene Herod Says:

    Terry, it was fun to look thru the replies you have rec’d. I once bought an unusual looking cigarette lighter for 50 cents. It said “True Blue Beer” on it. I couldn’t find any info on the brand and I put it in a drawer. A year or two later, I looked on the internet again and found that it was a small brewery in New England. I listed it and the bidding went up to around $8.00 and I was happy. I became happier in the last few minutes of the auction when the bidding went up to the final selling price of $165.00. I shipped it to the winning bidder in the same town where the brewery was located.

  284. Rebecca Says:

    I live in Missouri and I went with my Mom to a Flea Market in MN. A lady had a whole wall of old disposable diapers from the 1970’s. I hadn’t even started to sell on eBay yet but I bought a few oxes at $2.00 a box to put in a yard sale. Thankfully, I only sold one box. I listed a box on eBay at midnight and by 8:00 a.m. I had my first question about the box. He asked if it really said Kimbies on the box. (I didn’t even have a picture of it.) He said he would easily give me $40 for it and it ended at $56 without a picture. I was floored as I didn’t think anyone would want old diapers. After I got pictures with my listings some of the Pampers sold for over $100 a box. When I saw that this was a big seller I got ahold of the lady back in MN. She said she had alot of these diapers left and she wanted to get rid of them. So…I drove over 725 miles back to MN and met this lady to get the diapers. She said if I would take them all she would sell them to me for $1.00 a box! When we were done I had the back of my truck full of boxes of diapers. I think I got at least 100 boxes. About 8 years later I still have some of those boxes of diapers to sell. Once I saw a box of old diapers sell for over $900 on eBay. I wish that one had been one of mine.

  285. Dave Says:

    I bought a complete set of Time Life Civil War books for $10. (yep!!) and sold them in 2 days for OVER $150. !!

  286. Shirley Says:

    I once bought a Bass Pro Limited Edition t-shirt at a garage sale for .50. I thought it was a nice looking t-shirt but didn’t think it was anything special. I put it up on ebay and to my surprise it sold for $53!

  287. Jeff Says:

    Well, ONCE at the end of a MASSIVE Antique Show in Hamar, Norway I was on my way out of the building when a pair of cuff-links caught my eye in them middle of a table full of stuff. The cuff-links had the 3 crowns which were typical of Sweden. Since this was Norway, I figured to get them for a good price: 25 Norwegian kroner was good enough for me as these were SPORRONG cuff-links. I listed them on ebay starting at 9.99 USD. I was SHOCKED when they finished at 95.00 USD to somebody in Los Angeles!

  288. Richard Berry Says:

    I purchased small metal building, about 3″ tall, broken at the very top, dent in the side and a lot of paint wear, for fifty cents at a Kiwani’s thrift store. On the base of the building it said “PanPacific International Expo, San Francisco 1915. This was one of the first things I sold on Ebay. Listed it with a start price of 1.99+$4.00 shipping, thinking I might get $5 for it. through out the seven days of the listings, i got offers if I would end it early, but didnt understand. It got to $75 and boy did i get excited, then $125, $300 and finally $371.66. This was the most exciting things i sold, probably because it was one of the first of many. There were $1.99 airplane bought at Goodwill store solld for $99, two signs bought at yard sale for $10 each, sold for $150 each, auction catalog for Steve McQueen estate, bout for $20 sold for over $300. I usually find one great item a week.

  289. Marcy Shirley Says:

    I found a pottery donkey pulling a cart at a little town auction (included in a box of pottery) for a dollar, and it was marked Vietri, Italy on the bottom and it sold for close to $100.00 to someone in Italy.

    I bought a Norscott Caterpillar Grader at a yard sale, dusty but in good condition, that sells new for around $20.00, I paid $2.00 and sold for $54.00.

    My brother gave me a pair of brass card receivers that had a raised Caeser in the center and snake handles, that sold for $4.00 each at a church thrift shop and I sold for over a $100.00

    I bought a world globe for 10 dollars and sold it for close to $50.00.

    Yes, its in my blood now..things for 25 cents and a dollar can bring one great satisfaction and monetary gain of twenty dollars and more. Then the added bonus is to reap the wonderful pleased ahhhs and ohhhs and thank yous from the buyer. A win win situation…all because one persons junk or stuff, and sometimes dumpster trash is another’s treasure. I still hope before I die to have that one pee in your pants experience that many have had when they find a multi-hundred or thousands treasure. Yes, it does happen all the time, so I never give up hope.

  290. Cherri Petty Says:

    I was garage sailing in Washington, near Port Orchard. There was this odd looking Tonka toy. It was an escalator. He had it for $8 and I talked him down to $4.00. Now, the problem was, how to get it home to Montana. It was huge! Hubby gave me that look…but, we got it home okay, although there wasn’t much room left in the RV.
    I listed it on Ebay for $9.99, thinking I would be happy to make a few bucks on it. Well, imagine my surprise when we got $240.00 for it!
    Happy me!
    Another nice little item was a political button, my sis bought for $4.00 for a sack of them. We put one on with Roosevelt on it and something about the railroad. It sold for over $300.00!!!!
    Life’s good.

  291. Cherri Petty Says:

    Although this isn’t about the price of the item, I thought you might enjoy this. We were selling an antique typewriter. Really a cutie. i got a question from an Ebay member, who wanted to know, “How fast does it type?”
    Cracked me up!
    Anther wonderful thing that happened, Bob’s sis in Wyoming gave us a set of fish plates. She knew we liked to fish. The design and colors were quite beautiful and so I took one out of the box and looked at the maker mark on the back. It was kind of blurry but, it looked familiar…(Lump in throat about then) so I got another one out and it had LIMOGE on it!!!
    YEOW! There were nine I think and every one of them sold for over $100
    up to $200 and the big platter sold for nearly $300. She had gotten them for nothing. Yup, we shared the profits with her. I think I’m going to Wyoming!

  292. Clinginddub Says:

    Please delete this message….